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Osteopathy and Back Pain

Back Pain

Sharp, dull, aching, spasming back?

Osteopaths look into the discs, muscles, joints and ligaments to find the reasons for your trouble, to then treat the problem the most effective way we can.

Jaw Pain

Difficulty opening your mouth?  Trouble biting down? Jaw getting stuck? We will look at your muscles and joints and look for where it has become out of balance.  There is often a relationship with your neck movement or lack of.


With growing strain through your body, its common for pain in pregnancy which is why many women seek help for back, hip, and rib pain.  Massaging and freeing up your body may really help you!


Babies could experience problems from unresolved birthing strains. This may lead to unsettled babies with trouble feeding and sleeping.  Our approach is soft and comfortable, releasing the tight tissues we find.


Ongoing issues or newly experienced? Our work looks into your posture, tightness & stiffness to determine the best course of treatment we can provide your body with for long-lasting relief.

Sports Injuries

Whether this injury is a repetitive one or something you recently experienced, we use orthopedic testing to look into what the issue might be.  Ligament, Tendon, Muscle, Joint?  Osteos work with all tissues in the body.  No specialist required.

Neck Pain

Is your problem experienced as stiffness, pain, catching, irritation?  We will look further than just your neck to determine the whole problem rather than just treating your symptoms.


Has you child developed pain that you want checked out? Maybe they are moving awkwardly or different and you want to know why.  Osteos look into the structure and therefore they way their body is functioning.  We also see younger ones for fall injuries and sports related pain.

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Since 2004, our Osteopaths have been providing treatment for a wide variety of conditions, and for people of all ages for over 10 years. We are a trusted health provider in the community, referred to by many GP’s, pilates studios, midwives, personal trainers and all important family & friends.

If you find yourself suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, pregnancy pain, a sports injury, arthritis, or any other form of muscle or joint pain, with matters of the health, it is important to resolve the problem.

Rather than providing short-term relief, osteopathy is uniquely designed to establish the root of your complaint. Our process of examination is comprehensive and we provide you with a written tailored treatment program.
We will tell you how long we think your recovery will take and how you can help yourself to speed up the process.

So whether you just have a niggle or a chronic problem, our Osteopaths are committed to your quality-of-life & teach you how to prevent problems in the future.