Find out why
you have your pain

  • What can be done today to help you recover
  • Be treated for the cause as well as the symptoms
  • Understand easy ways to stop the problem returning

Why people choose to see us...

Unravelling your body puzzle

With advanced knowledge of the way the body works & adapts to previous injury, we find the compensation patterns that are holding you back.


Our commitment to your goals with your treatment, and to you meeting these goals is paramount in our approach. Work with practitioners that understand you and care about your future.

Since 2004

Trusted by 1000’s in the community. Treating babies & the elderly, & everyone in between. 

Industry Qualified

Registered with the Osteopathy Board of Australia, regulated by AHPRA, & members of our professional association, Osteopathy Australia. 

Forever Learning

Our Osteopaths are constantly involved in further learning to maintain our reputation as a forward-thinking clinical group & provide you with best-practice care.

Weekends & After Hours

Modern lives need modern times.  We are open 6 days and evenings so you can get the care you need when you want.


Experienced practitioners since 2004.

We know people need their body problems solved as quickly as possible.  They need practitioners that will treat their painful symptoms and get to the bottom of why the pain is there. 

Our skills cover stiffness, tension, injuries & pain. The goal is always how to get you right in the shortest time possible.

Anatomy In Motion (AiM)

When Movement becomes the Medicine.

There are times that you feel no one can help you.  Maybe we can.

Forming a partnership in healing for those of you with ongoing body conditions, syndromes & pain frustrations.

Discover why your body can’t get out of a rutt, why missing movement patterns are the reason for you overloaded tissues.  Explore why you feel stiff or in pain, and explore your potential solutions.

Mastitis Treatment

Sometimes you need another approach. 

Skilled practitioners can help you to move the lumps and drain the region of breast congestion.

Ultrasound Therapy and hands-on massage skills to assist your recovery, by Osteopaths with years of experience treating mastitis and other breastfeeding conditions.

Massage & Myotherapy

Linda provides the myotherapy service at the clinic. She is a highly qualified Remedial Massage Therapist & Myotherapist with years of experience.

Linda will ensure that she has a detailed background and understanding of your condition. So regardless of whether you require extra care for illness, a considered approach for pregnancy or just great understanding for relaxation or sports massage, Linda has the knowledge to help you .

What We Say About Health...

  • Katie Osteopath Practitioner Anatomy in Motion

    “ I work to empower my clients so they don’t NEED to see me.”

    Dr Katie Willy
    Principal Osteopath
  • Elise Osteopath Practitioner Anatomy in Motion

    “You are in control of your body and it’s health, and we as practitioners are here to guide you in the right direction.”

    Dr Elise Fuller
    Osteopath and AiM practitioner
  • Tristan Osteopath Practitioner

    “Your health is about being free to live your best life for you and the people around you.”

    Dr Tristan Joss
  • Linda Myotherapy Practitioner remedial Massage

    “The aim is to empower each and every client to strive for health and well-being for every day.”

    Linda Bear
    Ace Myotherapist
  • Steph Osteopath Practitioner Ballerina

    “I work together with my patients so they can move well and live well. “

    Dr Steph Klupacs
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