Movement is Freedom

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Experienced practitioners looking to solve your pain problem.

The ultimate hands-on approach in manual therapy where our skills cover stiffness, tension, injuries, pain, to guide you to a more comfortable you.

Anatomy In Motion (AiM)

When Movement becomes the Medicine.

Forming a partnership in healing for those of you with ongoing body conditions, syndromes & pain frustrations.

Explore why you feel stiff or in pain, and explore your potential solutions.

Mastitis Treatment

Antibiotics are not your only option

Skilled practitioners can help you to move the lumps and drain the region of congestion.

Ultrasound Therapy and hands-on massage skills to assist your recovery.

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Meet our people.

When you have a great team of people all working together, enjoying the time spent together, you know your workplace has the right energy to help other people in their time of need. 

Why people choose to see us...

Understanding & validation is where we excel with our clients.  Listening to the individual and their story has been the backbone of what we’ve done for 15 years.  From humble beginnings to a purpose-built, light-filled clinic space, our goals are always to provide the best approach we know; healing the body and helping restore quality-of-life.

We understand how it feels to be in a fog about your body, especially when you may have tried to help yourself before but not found the result you were after.  Being dedicated practitioners, passionate about healing others, Osteopathy has provided us with a great understanding of how the body connects together and ways to unravel built up tensions.

What we stand for…

Educating our clients for a better body future.
Working out the real issue for a complete recovery.

What We Say About Health...

  • “ I work to empower my clients so they don’t NEED to see me.”

    Katie Osteopath Practitioner Anatomy in Motion
    Dr Katie Willy
    Principal Osteopath
  • “You are in control of your body and it’s health, and we as practitioners are here to guide you in the right direction.”

    Elise Osteopath Practitioner Anatomy in Motion
    Dr Elise Fuller
    Osteopath and AiM practitioner
  • “Your health is about being free to live your best life for you and the people around you.”

    Tristan Osteopath Practitioner
    Dr Tristan Joss
  • “The aim is to empower each and every client to strive for health and well-being for every day.”

    Linda Myotherapy Practitioner remedial Massage
    Linda Bear
    Ace Myotherapist
  • I work together with my patients so they can move well and live well.

    Steph Osteopath Practitioner Ballerina
    Dr Steph Klupacs
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