Who is a good candidate for AiM?

You have a growing list of pains or just one giving you ongoing trouble

You seem to be feeling pain more often that doesn’t resolve as easily anymore

Your pain might be getting worse

Your posture could look imbalanced like one of the pics below

You might feel uneasy, or uncoordinated, or laboured when you walk

These are the things we focus on with AiM.

Who do you have to be to have a good go at AiM?

  • You just want to be out of pain and you are ready to do the work to get there
  • You want to create lasting change in your body
  • You are sick of your current state of things
  • You are willing to do 3-5 minutes of easy, tailored exercises daily

The cool thing with this exercise-based treatment is that you don’t need to see us super regularly.

Initially we do a 1 hour assessment, and follow you up 1-2 weeks later.  Then, we have you to do the exercises for 3-4 weeks, check on you and leave you another 3-4 weeks to continue with the exercises.

So consider how much you may have needed a therapist in the past.  What we provide you with here is a way to NOT see Osteos, Chiros, Physios, masseuses on that as needs basis, or monthly pain management basis.  This is not about fixing you, it’s about teaching you how to move again.  Take the strain off the tissues that are over-stressed & over-worked.

And don’t worry if you feel you have tried everything.  This method will be unlike anything you have tried before.

Do you have to be sporty to do this?

Absolutely not!  You just need legs and a spine, arms, feet…basically if you have a body you can work with us!

Should I expect instant success, the “one appointment wonder”?
No. BUT you may feel some pretty unique things in your 1st appointment that gives you a taste of what potential you have!  Progress may be fast, the more you practice, the faster you re-pattern your movements, the sooner we move on!  It’s up to you with the work you put in.

Our role:

To direct you to the beneficial movements to restore YOUR balance, all completely focused at what you find hard.  It’s a funny process for some when we ask you for example, push a knee forward which creates a specific hip movement we are looking for…some people cannot do this…cannot push their knee.  They can see us do it but are literally flabbergasted when they try.  It’s not that they can’t…it’s that their brain doesn’t recognize the movement, a big chunk missing in their gait!  And that’s all this is, a body map looking for the chunks your body is missing in movement.

What problems have we worked with:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knees
  • Foot & ankle issues
  • Flat feet and high arches
  • Scoliosis tension patterns
  • Headaches & Migraine
  • Ongoing bursitis & tendonitis anywhere

Ready to press "reset" on your body?

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Dr Elise Fuller & Dr Katie Willy are qualified with this method called AiM (Anatomy in Motion).  Our experience with many pains has enabled many to explore why their pain existed and experience movement to free their compensations.  This process is liberating.  It not only justifies your painful experience, it empowers you to be a major part of your success while we navigate the body map called the “Flow-Motion-Model”.

If you would like to read Katie’s story about her own chronic pain experience, click the link below:

Even Osteopaths Suffer Chronic Pain