Do you want to feel empowered in your birth experience?

Do you want to feel supported and educated to achieve the experience you desire?

Loving, strong and confident support will enhance your belief in yourself as you progress through pregnancy, labour and birth.

There are more options for birthing than the obvious one recognizing obstetricians and private hospitals.  This model is required in our society, and is a great option for women that may be at higher risk of complications in birthing.  But what if you are a healthy woman? The likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and straight-forward birth experience is a great possibility for you.

There are many negative stories and fear of birth in our culture, many of them are unnecessary and contribute to anxiety and stress for future mums in what can be the most empowering experience comparable to nothing else on earth.

(Katie) myself have been fortunate to have had 2 natural and drug-free birth experiences solely with midwife care in a public birthing centre.  My choice for midwife care was simply that I am a healthy woman, & believed I would be a healthy pregnant woman, and that intervention was last resort for me.  I believed in my body’s ability to have a baby naturally, & felt calm that the midwives would allow me & my babies the best opportunity for a natural birth.   I wanted to be given time to have my babies, not be rushed or concerned about “getting them out”, not be rushed to cut the umbilical cord, and to avoid drugs.  I also attended a hypno-birthing class which educated me thoroughly about the birthing process and strategies I could implement to help me through.  I was far more informed about the process and therefore felt confident about taking control over what was coming.

Post-birth, regardless of your birth experience, there can be a need for post-partum counselling, and that this can be a natural reaction to a birth not being what you expected or had hoped for.

There are many options to find out about your options from:

  • Private midwives to attend hospital birth or for homebirth
  • Public case load midwives such as that at the Maternity Group Practice @ Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg, Victoria
  • Doulas – birth attendants
  • Calmbirth Courses
  • As well as the private obstetrician model
We are all about education and choices for women, it is definitely not a one-size-fits-all state of affairs so educate yourself and choose the right model for you and your expected outcomes.

Some great people you could contact with your enquiries:

Private Midwives:

Michelle Thompson and Nicolle Jenkins at:

Sam Rouse


Firstly, what is a Doula?

Trained and experienced in childbirth, a Doula supports both the mother and father emotionally and physically during labour and the delivery.

Studies show there are many benefits of having a Doula’s support including reduction in the number of caesareans; reduction in pain medications; reduction in labour length and an increase in self-esteem.
Emily Jones
Dionne Finnegan

Calmbirth Classes:


Dr Saul Cohen
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