“Kids are made of rubber they don’t
need to have treatment!!”

This is a common belief throughout the adult population and to a degree there is some truth in it.  Children have amazing resilience and healing abilities.  Compared with most adults they have far better muscular flexibility and joint range of motion but many things can go wrong.

Children, unlike adults haven’t got years of experience to compare when something isn’t working properly so they often just put up with it.


What can Osteopathy do?

Osteopathy provides a popular treatment approach for many childhood complaints and is drug-free.  Osteopaths understand the vulnerabilities between the growing muscles and joints and the associated pain such as:

  • Neck/Back pain
  • Hip, knee & ankle pain
  • Headaches
  • Heel pain
  • Ankle sprains
  • Postural Strains
  • Sports Injuries

It can be beneficial for your child to have an osteopathic assessment if they have a fall, especially if they hit their head, or land on their spine or bottom. Children have an amazing ability to ‘bounce back’, however some trauma can be retained in the tissues and joints of the body that may not be immediately apparent, but which can go on to cause problems later on in life. Your osteopath could potentially find any restrictions that may be present, and then through treatment, may prevent further problems from occurring.

Sporting injuries are common in children, as are other conditions such as

  • Osgood Schlatter’s (front of knee)
  • Sever’s (heel pain)
  • Scheuermann’s (spine) disease

What should I look out for with my child?

Keeping an eye on your child’s posture is very important. Influences such as carrying heavy school bags and increased use of computers can cause postural problems that may become more difficult to address as your child gets older.

Signs to look out for, which indicate an early problem with posture include:

  • Asymmetry in the shoulders (one higher or more forward than the other)
  • Excessive slouching
  • Curvature of the spine
  • Turning in or out of the feet
  • Shoulder blade starting to poke out on one side (known as “winging”)

Check your child’s shoes – do they wear out quickly on one side more than the other? This can also point towards postural imbalance.

Our Osteopaths are well trained and experienced in treating children.  Kids are made of rubber but things can go wrong!

It may be beneficial for your child to be examined if they have sustained trauma; especially motor vehicles accidents, fractures or falls onto their spine.

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