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It has been a lifetime of headaches for me.

At the age of 6, I was jumping on a trampoline and lost my balance landing my left cheek on the steel bar around the outside.  I rebounded back on to my back and suffered what I assume was a whiplash injury and also a fractured left maxilla (cheek bone).

I remember as a kid lying on the couch with considerable headaches.  My mum says it started around the time of my injury.  No surprises there.  It wasn’t really common to take your kid to Osteo, Physio or Chiro at this time, so I received no treatment.  In fact not even an X-ray at the time.  The fracture was noted a few years later with a dental X-ray.

In high school I routinely woke with headaches and took Panadol before school.  By Year 10 I had been booked in to see a chiropractor to resolve this unrelenting problem.  Countless appointments with my hips on blocks to untwist my pelvis so I was told, cracking of my neck and little relief.  At this time in my life, as a 15 year old, I related to myself as having a bad neck.  It seems curiously linked to my headaches.

 “I felt like a prisoner in my own body”

I was cactus while studying Osteopathy, more headaches, little relief, there was pretty much a low-grade headache at all times that would escalate with aggravations.  Studying Osteo means that you are a guinea pig for your friends and vice-versa as we learn our techniques on each other.  This would often stir up my system.  I would see student osteopaths in our uni clinic and this would provide relief but never resolution.

Once qualified my pain escalated further as I was treating more clients for THEIR aches and pains, relying more on my left shoulder, and with worsening posture due to pain.  This is when I started learning far more about my headaches and developed a stretching program I would perform daily and this would usually hold my bad headaches at bay.

I would prescribe it to my headache clients too and the results were pretty good…as long as we kept doing it.  When we stopped…headaches came back.  It was the best I had.  This was my life for the next 15 years.  I would lie, not sit on couches, I couldn’t lift anything too heavy, gym workouts no good, yoga relied on my arms too much, anything requiring my arms up in the air and sitting…all would give me headaches, and some pretty cranky ones at that.

Codeine was now my friend, a common weekly drug for me despite my stretching routine.  With 2 small children now you do what you can to get through the day…and there is little time to be in chronic pain.

I had accepted unhappily that this was my lot.  That I was a “Headache Person”!

That when I got older I would have to find a great young Osteopath, massueuse, whoever that would be able to keep my neck loose.  That if I was stuck in a chair due to disability or illness that I would experience unrelenting headaches.  All this in my 30’s for heavens sake.

Our body is an entire system together that WHEN it works together, ALL parts are mobile.

It was the best I could do until I met Gary Ward, author of “What the Foot”.  I know right, great title!  Gary taught me for the 1st time, despite all my knowledge from Osteopathy, he taught me how to identify the problem areas in my body and the clearly sub-optimal full-body pattern I had adopted that was causing my headaches.

We all have a history, a history of injury & illness that causes us to protect something and hold our body a particular way.  And this pattern, this compensation gets adopted by our brain as “normal” despite it being off-centre and out-of-whack.   Gary’s AiM® (Anatomy in Motion) approach is a reset button for your body.

The approach is quite simple in theory…look for areas that aren’t moving and teach them to move again, re-integrate them into a normal pattern. Our body is an entire system together that if it works together, all parts are mobile.    Any bet your chronic pain pattern has not been identified by any practitioner to date and that’s why you are here…reading this…

Although being simple in theory, Gary Ward’s approach takes a trained eye to identify which patterns you are missing at which point we can re-train your brain to move your body again in these areas that are restricted.   Our clinic has 2 qualified practitioners to work through this unwinding process with you.  It is incredibly freeing to feel this freedom happening in your own body…a treat in fact as you re-discover the body you inhabit.

All it takes:

·        A committed person ready to change their space and move again

·        Be itching to improve your own life and feel freedom in your body

·        Understanding that this unwinding process is dependent on your commitment to yourself

·        Be ready for some jaw-dropping moments as you press your own reset button!

It’s going to be excellent for you.

I am ecstatic that I am no longer at the mercy of my headaches, that I no longer carry codeine medication around with me.  I don’t feel like a prisoner anymore, I feel I am re-connected to my whole self and can now “sit” on the damn couch.

So what’s it going to be for you?

More of the same? 

Or a change for your life, for your future?

Want to get started with Dr Katie Willy or Dr Elise Fuller? We are ready!

You can either call our reception on 9859 5059 or click our “BOOK ONLINE” at the top of our website.

We look forward to seeing you realise your power in your own body.


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