So you are in chronic pain…somewhere…

Tried so many things and still no permanency in your relief…

We have seen many different versions of YOU…just in different skin

If you are someone who:

  • is sick and tired of the same old pain, sick and tired of THIS experience
  • is a committed soul that understands that there is no “quick fix”
  • values your health and that you have a want for a pain-free life in a body you respect

Then keep reading because this may be Your solution.

What’s stopping you from reading anyway?  

A big question of “What if” here for YOU? 

What if THIS worked?

What have we guided to a solution in the past:

  • headaches/migraine
  • shoulder-blade pain
  • the old low back pain, it’s everywhere!!
  • post-surgical issues such as for back, knee, hip
  • hip bursitis
  • plantar fasciitis (sole of foot pain)
  • achilles issues
  • ongoing ankle sprains
  • chronic tendonitis wherever, for however long it’s been there
  • KNEE pain!

Yours not on the list?  Give us a call and we will discuss it!

So what’s the go? How does it work?

You undergo a 1 hour assessment at which time we work out what movements you cannot do, what movements are holding your body in a funky way causing this pain, this irritation.

No one will have done this type of assessment on you, no one will have looked so closely at the way you walk, broken it all down.

We find what is missing in your movements when you walk and re-create a pattern that can restore movement in pretty much anyone if the person is willing to commit.

The homework is fun

The homework will take less than 10 minutes each day (often less than 5 minutes even)

The homework could free you from your pain (if you do it!!)

The homework is self-motivating because of how it makes you feel

So the choice is yours.

Do you let yourself have a go? 

Potential for leading a pain-free life OR do you keep going the way you are going, just as sore, just as resigned?

You DO have a choice.  It would be a shame to choose PAIN.

If you want to talk to us about what we can do for you, call us on 9859 5059 and speak to Osteopaths Elise or Katie.  We are all ears!

If you just want to experience what we can do and begin “yesterday”… make an “AiM” appointment at the link below!

Seriously, one day you will be so glad you stumbled onto this page! We hear it all the time!

BOOK ONLINE HERE – no login required

(BTW…AiM stands for Anatomy-in-Motion)



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