Why not make you very own liquid hand soap?

This was a soap that I started making because my Migraines were triggered by the scents in many soaps.  And all the really good ones seemed way too expensive!

You are going to love this soap for your bathroom.  It is cost effective and great on your hands!  I just started making it for the clinic too so you can test it out there if you like!

What you will need:

  1. Dr Bonners Pure Castille Soap (3 Tbsp per 250ml bottle)
  2. cooled kettle water
  3. 10 drops jojoba oil (or another moisturising oil like sweet almond)
  4. 15-20 drops Essential oil of your choice for fragrance
  5. 1 foaming hand-wash bottle

Get you foaming hand wash bottle.  I buy mine at the supermarket (Palmolive brand about $3) and tip out the horrible contents and clean it in hot soapy water.  Flush out the pump too!

I add my Castille soap, cooled water and oils and gently shake with the pump on the bottle.

Where can you buy Dr Bonner’s Castille Soap? 

I get mine from Great Earth in Balwyn but other health shops may stock it or online.  I buy 1L for about $20.  Heaps of bottle worth!!

Which essential oil is nice? 

I am using lemon at the moment but have used lavender or peppermint in the past.

What are the benefits?

  • Cheap to make
  • no harsh chemicals
  • no awful fragrance you can’t get rid of

The pump bottle I buy and refill.