What To Expect When Visiting Your Osteopath

Initial appointments are around 45 minutes duration and initally involve taking a detailed clinical history of your problem or health issue.

HistoryTake your clinical history

Your Osteopath then performs a physical examination involving assessment of soft tissue and joint structures with hands on assessment and other orthopaedic and neurological tests as required.

ExaminationWe will perform an examination

Once we have established the cause, the treatment involves a combination of: Muscular tissue massage; Joint mobilising & re-alignment; Stretching of Tendons & Muscles; Ultrasound therapy; Muscles release techniques.

TreatmentEstablish a treatment plan

Finally we will explain the problem in language you will understand and how long it will take to recover. We we also prescribe self-management strategies so you can learn how to manage your problem better in the future, to reduce recurrance.

ExplanationTell you what is going on


  • Australian Osteopaths’ have completed 5 years of university training
  • They have obtained a bachelor of science (clinical sciences) and a master of Health Science (osteopathy).
  • All Osteopaths must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHRPA)
  • Our Osteopaths are also registered with Osteopathy Australia, which maintains continual professional education & standards.

This is a commonly asked question.  These health modalities may appear very similar in the problems they treat and techniques they use.  However, it is the difference in philosophies, principles and the way the techniques are applied that sets them all apart.  While it is not for us to explain the philosophies of Chiropractic or Physiotherapy, we can tell you all about osteopathy:

The holistic approach of osteopathy encompasses all aspects of the patient’s health and accesses factors that can be addressed both in and out of the treatment room. For example, if you are suffering from knee pain it is important to assess not only your knee biomechanics and associated muscle groups but also your foot, hip and low back as they too will influence the function of your knee.

  • Osteopaths will not put you on a ‘plan’ with set return dates
  • Osteopaths will treat the cause of the problem and not just your symptoms
  • Osteopaths do not treat multiple patients at a time; all appointments are one-on-one
  • Hands-on therapy makes up the majority of your appointment time; we still prescribe exercises and use heat or ultrasound where appropriate
  • Osteopaths offer a much wider range of hands on techniques of varying pressure to suit all problems for all ages
  • As an Osteopath our goal is to not only treat the symptoms of your problem but the causes behind them.
  • In the past, you may have had a practitioner or doctor who did not give you their full attention . . . At our clinic, you get a focused, one-to-one experience. There is no multi-tasking at our clinic. We do not answer the phone or check on other patients. Your time is your time.
  • We know that it takes more than 5 minutes to hear your whole story, assess you properly ,and begin to treat you in a way that makes a difference. Your first appointment is an 45 minutes long. Your follow-up appointments are 30 minutes.
  • In the past, you may have been given a diagnosis with no explanation of what caused the problem . . . Our Osteopaths are trained to understand and explain the link between the cause of your problem and the symptoms you’re experiencing—and we have great bed-side manner.
  • In the past, you may not have received support for ongoing health . . . We will provide a follow-up plan that outlines how many treatments you need and suggest an injury-prevention plan that can fit into your busy life.

No, simply call us and make an appointment.

Yes, osteopathic treatment is a popular choice for pregnancy. Your body changes dramatically during this time to make room for your growing baby, and this may lead to problems like back or pelvic pain, sciatica, indigestion and trouble sleeping comfortably. Your osteopath can select gentle techniques and give advice to help you manage your pregnancy more comfortably.

Yes, Osteopathic treatment is growing in popularity for treatment of babies, children & teens. Common reasons for bringing your child to see an osteopath include, birth trauma, accidents or falls, postural problems, growing pains and sporting injuries. Advice may also be given on general health, diet, exercise and posture. If required your osteopath may also refer your child to other health care professionals.

Osteopathic treatment is suitable for babies at any age. As 85% of skull growth occurs in the first year of your baby’s life, this may be an ideal time for osteopathic treatment to support the healthy development of your baby. Our Osteopathic treatment for babies is very gentle and may help with reflux, digestive problems, suckling or feeding difficulty (relating to the muscles and movements required to feed) and ‘flat head’ or skull deformation.

Most private health insurance covers Osteopathy in the “extras” cover.  Check with your health fund to be certain.  We can claim you private health insurance on-the-spot with our Hicaps terminal.

Yes we do.  We also except Mastercard, Visa and cash.

Medicare contributions may be available if you suffer from chronic complex health conditions.  See your GP to ascertain if you are eligible for the CDM (Chronic Disease Management) care plan.

Yes we do.  Rex & Elise are qualified practitioners for this type of therapy.

Why Choose Us

Experienced practitioners
After-work and weekend appointments available
Trusted by 1000’s of people since 2004
More affordable than many of our competitors with no compromise on quality
Easy parking

Our Osteopaths have been doing this job for years, collectively over 30 years.  Our dedicated group provides excellent physical treatment & prevention strategies, as well as a diagnosis in plain English for your particular problem, so you understand.  We have helped thousands of people just like you, and continually participate in further education to improve or services and knowledge.

Our clinic in Balwyn North has been operating since 2004 and continually growing due to our successes with our clients.  We are referred to by many GP’s, dentists, gyms and myotherapists regularly, simply due to our quality healthcare and positive outcomes.  Our team of Osteopaths are here to help you too.  You can start your  recovery today.

You do not need a referral see us, all you have to do is call to make a booking.  Please feel free to call us if you have any further questions about how we can assist your return to a healthy & pain free life.

Our Osteopaths also prescribe and monitor a rehabilitation exercise program (ie. ACL surgery recovery, tendonitis rehab) & give ergonomic and postural advice as a means of enhancing recovery or preventing re-injury.


Dry Needling:

Our service also extends to the practice of dry needling.

But don’t worry if you don’t like needle therapy, simply say “no thank you” & it will be no problem! You wouldn’t be the first.

For those who are ok with needling, the needles are a fine filament like that of an acupuncture needle.  The practice of ‘dry needling’ involves inserting the needle into a trigger point and is typically used to treat pain associated with injuries. A trigger point is a tender spot in a tight band of muscle which causes pain when pressed or squeezed. It is particularly helpful in severely cramped muscles fibres & in chronic conditions.