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Dr Elise Fuller

Osteopath & Anatomy In Motion Practitioner

About me...

Elise’s passion for osteopathy began with her own back injuries, where her rehabilitation was greatly assisted with osteopathic treatment. Because of her personal experience with low back injuries, and in her case surgery, Elise has a strong interest in low back issues and helping her patients avoid unnecessary pain.

Elise uses a structural approach to treatment, adopting a variety of techniques to assist her patients. Before her career as an osteopath began, Elise spent a few years as a massage therapist, treating in the corporate sector in Melbourne’s CBD. It was here that it became apparent to Elise how much stress and poor ergonomics were affecting her clients’ musculoskeletal health, and why it is important to look into someone’s day-to-day life, to determine the primary cause of their pain, rather than just treating their symptoms. Her holistic approach to healthcare, assists in the health and well-being of her patients.

Elise has completed further study in dry needling techniques and finds this to be particularly helpful with those niggling muscular problems. Her experience in this area has been beneficial to many, who require that little bit extra to get to the root of their problem.

During her Masters degree, Elise had the opportunity to further her studies on placement in Mumbai, India. It was here that she worked along side an orthopaedic surgeon, treating his surgical patients pre and post surgery. Elise now enjoys treating and developing management plans for her current patients who are preparing for surgeries and their rehabilitation to aid their recovery.

Elise has also completed Gary Ward’s (author of “What the foot”) Anatomy-In-Motion (AiM) course twice (2016 & 2018) which focuses on the patterns our body adopts throughout life from trauma, injury and impacts, that our brain doesn’t let go of.  AiM utilises specific movement patterns to re-train your brain to adopt the most natural physical patterns to resolve imbalances and resolve pain.

Fun Facts

  • Top 3 favourites (Cadbury Chocolate Box): Moro, Cherry Ripe, Dream
  • Enjoys strength training

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