Katie Osteopath Practitioner Anatomy in Motion

Dr Katie Willy

Principal Osteopath & Anatomy In Motion Practitioner

About Katie...

Being such a common & debilitating problem, headaches are something that Katie (experiencing them herself) really enjoys treating because it makes such a difference to the daily lives of the sufferers.  She has a thorough approach that encompasses postural issues and jaw trouble that are commonly associated with headaches.

Another of Katie’s interests is in the treatment of chronic spinal injuries that may have had little success with other therapies. She finds that the “nitty gritty” issues of these problems present different challenges that have often been overlooked. These chronic problems usually occur in the low back, neck, hip or shoulder regions.  Katie also has experience in post-surgical rehabilitation to get joints moving more fluently such as rehabilitation from frozen shoulder.

Katie has completed extra training in obstetrics and paediatrics and enjoys treating  babies with issues such as feeding problems, colic, or pelvic or spinal imbalances that can occur from birth trauma.  Having had 2 babies herself, she understands the impact it can have on the mothers body before and after birth, as well as associated pains that can arise from holding a baby, breast-feeding and general baby needs.

Katie has also completed Gary Ward’s (author of “What the foot”) Anatomy-In-Motion (AiM) course which focuses on the patterns our body adopts throughout life from trauma, injury and impacts, that our brain doesn’t let go of.  AiM utilises specific exercises to re-train your brain to adopt the most natural physical patterns that resolve imbalances and resolves pain.

Fun Facts

  • Top 3 favourites (Cadbury Chocolate Box): Moro, Cheery Ripe, Dream
  • Enjoys a big laugh
  • Loves word-play in language
  • A super social being who loves hanging out with family & friends
  • A great-aunt (Say what?  True story)

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