Dr Tristan Joss

OSTEOPATH B.App.Sc (Comp. Med), M.Osteopathy

With such a strong background in massage therapy, Osteopathy was a natural progression for Tristan to pursue.  Given his passion for healing, Tristan finds that his muscle work is a great basis in his treatments.


OSTEOPATH B.Sc (Clin. Sci), M.H.Sc (Osteopathy)
Steph’s passion for Osteopathy is evident in the way she treats and rehabilitates her clients.  Her desire to work with people and her interest of the science of the human body means you will be working with a cluey mind in Steph, alongside a lovely bed-side manner. She is a bubbly, enthusiastic osteopath who always strives to get the best results for her patients.

Dr Katie Willy

OSTEOPATH B.Sc (Clin. Sci), M.H.Sc (Osteopathy), Anatomy-in-Motion

Katie has completed extra training in obstetrics and paediatrics and enjoys treating babies. She also has experience in post-surgical rehabilitation to get joints moving more fluently.



Linda’s interest in the body and how to relieve pain led her to Myotherapy many years ago.  She has a considerable knowledge base in the treatment for muscles, with an ever increasing knowledge given all the further study she has completed with Oncology massage, Lymphatic Drainage amongst the mix.  Her caring nature and enthusiasm to help others is a bonus alonsgside her excellent skill-set.

Dr Elise Fuller

Dr Elise Fuller

OSTEOPATH B.App.Sc (Comp. Med), M.Osteopathy, Anatomy-In-Motion

Elise’s passion for osteopathy began with her own back injuries, where her rehabilitation was greatly assisted with osteopathic treatment.  Elise is very versatile in strength & has a wonderful gentle capacity for those of you the require are after that more gentle approach.


All Osteopaths at Boroondara Osteopathy are members of the Osteopathy Australia and are registered with AHPRA.

We continually update our knowledge base and skill sets by taking part in continuing education as required by the regulating body AHPRA, but also because we love this stuff!

Our highly-qualified Myotherapist is a member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia.

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