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Are you an active potato or a couch potato these holidays?  

In my opinion it’s the best time of year, nicely planned public holidays, everything slows down while half of Melbourne descends on the beachside towns for a few day/s week/s Month/s? of relaxation or activity in the sun.  

Depending on our jobs or normal activity throughout the year, we can end up doing things our bodies are not used to. Some people who have a more sedentary job and sit at a computer for most of the year, might like to get out and do 10+ km bike ride every day which may result in a bit off stiffness and tightness in the body. This increased activity of course is great and we want to encourage everyone to be active. 

The reverse also happens when someone who normally has an active or physical job might decide to sit on the couch and watch the cricket for a couple of weeks while they’re not working, this may also result in some stiffness through the body.  

As with most things in life, a nice balance is necessary.

So, get out and do things while the sun is out but also giving your body and of course your mind a rest.  

To help keep the joints mobile and limber we have developed a great exercise that you can do anywhere! Our seated COGS exercise can be done while sitting on the couch watching a movie, while waiting on the hard part of the sand with a cricket bat while you cousin is taking a 50-meter run up ready to bowl a bouncer at your head, and even while you’re in the car stuck in traffic waiting to get to Portsea.  


It’s all explained here & see below for further instructions.

This exercise promotes holistic movement between your pelvis, ribcage and skull.  Each part moves in a tilting fashion around an invisible pole. Looking side-on, the poles are basically a skewer through your “left to right” (ie. all horizontal left-to-right)

  • sides at the ear through your skull
  • middle of the rib cage
  • through the hips 

Perch on a chair/couch/car seat (with your hip higher than your knees, and with or without a back rest,)

WATCH the VIDEO above!! There’s a dialogue to help you along the way.

Movement 1. (M1)

Stretch the abdominal muscles between the front of the rib cage and your pubic bone 

Bring your chin towards your chest- making a double chin 

Breast bone rotates up to the sky 

Movement 2. (M2)

Bring your pubic bone closer to your belly button  

Point chin towards the sky 

Breast bone straightens and is draw down 

Repeat daily for 2-3 minutes  

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