Our Great People

"It is only work if you'd rather be somewhere else" George Halas (Legendary Football Coach)

We love what we do. Our passion for health and helping others makes us perfect for our jobs.

Being dedicated to our craft we are all members of our respective associations and update our skills every year to offer the best outcomes we can.

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Elise Osteopath Practitioner Anatomy in Motion

Dr Elise Fuller

Osteopath & Anatomy In Motion Practitioner

Elise’s passion for osteopathy began with her own back injuries, where her rehabilitation was greatly assisted with osteopathic treatment. She has great interest with her wholistic skills to assist people looking for a complete answer to their pain. Elise is very versatile in strength & has a wonderful gentle capacity for those of you the require are after that more gentle approach. Elise is also treats women for Mastitis, her caring nature is an appreciated quality by the women she treats.

Katie Osteopath Practitioner Anatomy in Motion

Dr Katie Willy

Principal Osteopath & Anatomy In Motion Practitioner

Katie has completed extra training in obstetrics and paediatrics and enjoys treating babies. Her love for solving body problems is a perpetual education she was made to do. Katie has great interest in people with ongoing pain that have not found their answers. She is also one of our mastitis practitioners.

Dr Stephanie Klupacs


Steph’s passion for Osteopathy is evident in the way she treats and rehabilitates her clients. She loves working with women pre-and post-natal extending to mastitis treatment for women in need. Her desire to work with people and her interest of the science of the human body means you will be working with a cluey-minded soul in Steph, alongside a lovely bed-side manner.

Tristan Osteopath Practitioner

Dr Tristan Joss


With such a strong background in massage therapy, Osteopathy was a natural progression for Tristan to pursue. Given his passion for healing, Tristan finds that his muscle work is a great basis in his treatments.

Linda Myotherapy Practitioner remedial Massage

Linda Bear


Linda’s interest in the body and how to relieve pain led her to Myotherapy many years ago. She has a considerable knowledge base in the treatment for muscles, with an ever increasing knowledge given all the further study she has completed with Oncology massage, Lymphatic Drainage among the mix. Her caring nature and enthusiasm to help others is a bonus alongside her excellent skill-set.

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