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Dr Katie Willy - Osteopath

How is the back of your lower leg feeling?
Do you feel a bit flat-footed in the morning?
Do you feel pain during or after exercise just above your heel bone?

Many weekend warrior and recreational sports-people get trouble in their Achilles.  Sometimes it is a quick fix of calf muscle loosening and then some stretching homework to work into your regime.
On other occasions you could have a weakend achilles tendon that requires some dedicated rehabilitation exercises and advice. 

Causes of excessive loading on the Achilles, include:
  • A sudden increase in the intensity, frequency and duration of activity.
  •  A decrease in recovery time between activity.
  • Wearing inadequate or incorrect footwear.
  • Running on hard or uneven surfaces.
  • Change of surface (seasonal).
  • Poor muscle flexibility (e.g. tight calf muscles, weak calf muscles).
  • Decreased joint range of motion (e.g. stiff ankle joint).
  • Inadequate warm-up, & cool down.
Signs & Symptoms
  • Mild to severe pain and tenderness in the Achilles tendon area (tenderness may be more noticeable in the morning).
  • Swelling.
  • Stiffness that may diminish as the tendon warms up with use.
  • Decreased strength and movement; a feeling of sluggishness in the leg.

Our work includes solving the problem of why your pain developed in the first place.  Not only will we physically treat the cause of the pain, we give you at exercises to reduce recurrence meaning less time out of your chosen activities!

It is important to work out why your achilles tendon is feeling and experiencing such great amounts of load.  Why is it being put under so much strain.  What is not moving in your body that is requiring your achilles tendon to do so much work.  This is our job, to figure these questions out.

NOTE: 7-16 year olds with heel pain may be caused by a self-limiting, painful but non-serious problem called Severs.  We also treat this condition and give you management advice to reduce the symptoms.

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