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Dr Katie Willy - Osteopath

Isn’t it strange that you can get a Migraine from a non-offensive smell.  Sound familiar?

Being an Osteopath as well as a migraine-sufferer I understand the weird symptoms of migraines.
Keep reading to find out why this happens AND a bonus easy hand soap you can make whether you have migraines or not! (It will make sense why-I promise!)

I remember as a 4 year-old, being minded by my aunt & uncle, feeling a horrendous headache and then vomiting in a car park (this aunt, Michele,  is actually our main receptionist at the clinic!).  This is my first migraine memory.

I had them on and off but as I got older I noticed one of my triggers was certain smells.  Often it is perfume, or hair product and really synthetic-type smells.  Recently it has also included hand-soap.

Then I noticed that the migraine triggered easier by smells if my neck was sore & stiff, or if I had a mild tension headache already.  It’s as if I am in a vulnerable state to begin with and then the smell tips me over the edge…the I need the dark room and sleep!

The thing about migraine is that many sufferers have postural issues with their head, neck & upper back.  The common postural pattern seen is of stooped shoulders posture, chin jutting forwards, rounded upper back in a slouchy position.  This causes lots of physical aggravation in many other areas.  Check out the posture picture on the left.

I have also noticed specific tender points that arise in the migraine-vulnerable state.  Check out the picture below and see if you have these tender points we have found with migraine symptoms developing

Migraines are not caused by these physical issue, a migraine is actually called a vascular headache (from an artery called the temporal artery-YES it’s in your temple).  The throbbing is from this artery in the temple constricting and then reactively opening wider, the blood rushes through and that’s the throb.  AND when you are are tender in these areas shown, migraines are more likely to develop.  So if you keep this stuff A-OK, then you reduce your migraines in the process.  This is where an Osteopath is a valuable member of your Migraine team.  By getting your physical body into a balanced state, your migraines are less likely to occur.  This includes improving your:

  • neck
  • upper back
  • rib cage mobility
  • collar bone movement (I know…weird right!)
  • AND JAW!!!  The jaw is a massive one here.

AND the ace soap recipe I promised??

What a funny thing for an Osteo to offer but consider that it came out of a need to find something that was fast and convenient to make, without have to use anything toxic or dangerous.  CLICK BELOW.

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