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Are your High Heels doing you damage?

Looking good and feeling terrible…

With Spring Racing Carnival upon us, I was reminded of the issues of high heels! Who doesn’t love the way heels make our calves look!!  We feel taller & more gorgehigh heel postureous, but heels can become the bane of a good time or daily hell in the workplace.
So what are the issues with wearing our hot heels that many health professionals (inc. Osteos) have growing concerns over?
1. Cheap shoes are more likely fall apart when you wear them.  It can be simply a nuisance if you are not injured, but the consequences include sprains of the ankle or knee, & falling over completely could injure literally anything from head to toe.
2. “Killer Heels” that are super high completely upsets our bodies balance; compensation in our low back and pelvis, as well as our knees & ankles, & cramping our Achilles tendon.
3. Squishy Toes from narrow shoes; it’s definitely no good to squish the joints in our feet which can be linked to bunions
Do You Have to Give Up Your Heels?
No, but to avoid the problems that develop over time you need to give your legs, spine and feet a bit of TLC.

  • Choose a lower style that isn’t really thin at the heel
  • Wear soft insoles to reduce the impact on your knees and balls of feet. ie party feet
  • Make sure your shoes are the right size so your foot doesn’t slide forward, putting even more pressure on your poor toes.
  • Pick a shoe with a wide enough toe box to allow you to wiggle your toes.
  • Wear heels on days that require limited walking or standing
  • Show your calves some love! Stretch them out so you don’t get Achilles issues such as tendonitis!


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