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Is back pain during pregnancy normal?

Growing a whole human in just 9 months can be taxing for a woman’s body, but that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer in silence, especially if you have back pain during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time of constant shifting and changing when it comes to our body. As that little bundle continues to grow, mama’s body has to grow with it. Back pain during pregnancy is so common but is it something to worry about? 

There are a few different reasons you might experience back pain during pregnancy.

Upper Back Pain Pregnancy

Upper back pain can start from very early on when the breast tissue starts to change dramatically. At the start of your pregnancy, the breasts grow rapidly and the tissue becomes more dense. All this means that there is much more weight sitting on your chest than you would have experienced before. This is like asking your upper back to lift weights that it has never done before! So naturally, the muscles and joints get tired from this new challenge and start to get achey and sore. This means that your posture is likely to change and put more stress through the upper part of your back. Wearing a supportive bra is imperative during pregnancy. Upper back pain might mean that you need to get refitted as your breasts change through pregnancy and after your baby is born.

How to relieve back pain during pregnancy while sleeping

Sleeping on your side is the safest position to sleep in while you are pregnant. Using something to prop up your bump or to support your whole body may help to relieve some of the tension you feel when you lay in bed.

Having a firmer mattress might make you feel a bit more supported which may relieve some discomfort too.

Pregnancy back pain relief

There is lots that can be done to relieve back pain during pregnancy. Having a warm shower, getting out for a walk and some gentle stretching are great ways to start.

Our top tips are:

  • Wear a well fitted bra so your breasts are supported
  • Take breaks to sit down if you are standing for long periods
  • Eat small meals more often to manage reflux
  • Visit us at Boroondara Osteo to make a plan on how to manage your body through pregnancy

When should i worry about back pain in pregnancy

Back pain is pregnancy is certainly common, but that doesn’t mean its normal. The good thing to know is that the causes of back pain during pregnancy are not generally sinister, and can be well managed with the right help. Although there are a lot of reasons that mean you may experience pain, it doesn’t mean that you are destined to be sore for 9 months!

Middle back pain & pregnancy

While it is so lovely to see that gorgeous bump growing out in front of you, the increase in size can sometimes wreak havoc with your centre of balance and posture. That bump in front of you drags your centre of gravity forwards, so your upper and middle back generally have some catch up work to do to keep you upright. This can put stress on the joints through the middle part of your back and they may become painful over time.

Reflux and heartburn are common in pregnancy, especially after eating a big meal, bending over or exercising after eating. Did you know that some of the nerves that supply your upper gut (oesophagus and stomach) come from the middle part of your back? Sometimes when you have reflux, these nerves can get a bit confused and actually send pain signals to the area of the back where they originate. This can cause achey, diffuse back pain. Weird hey! Eating small meals a bit more often can be a good way to combat the onset of reflux during your pregnancy.

Sharp upper back pain during pregnancy

Sharp pain can be pretty awful at the best of times, let alone when you are pregnant. Sharp pain might be the result of a sprained joint in your spine or rib cage. This can cause pain with twisting or bending movements or even just breathing! An injury like this is very common and often occurs doing everyday things like hanging out the washing or reaching overhead. A joint sprain will usually resolve within 2-3 weeks, however a treatment with our osteopaths usually improves the time frame.

Best pregnancy pillow for back pain

The best pregnancy pillow is the one that makes you feel the most comfortable!

A popular option is a body pillow, which is a long sausage or U shaped pillow that you can cuddle to support your whole body and belly.
Having something between your knees can alleviate some pelvic pain that might arise during pregnancy.

Right side back pain during pregnancy

As your baby grows, there is just less and less room in your abdomen for everything and everyone! Depending on where your baby is most comfortable, you may experience pain on just one side of your back. This might be because of how squished all your organs are and it might be the only place bubs feels comfortable. It might be because there is already tension through your body and those areas are not able to expand and adapt for baby as well as the other side.

Treating back pain while pregnant

A thorough history and assessment with the osteopaths at Boroondara Osteopathy will shed more light as to why this pain is occurring and what can be done to relieve it. So don’t sit there thinking you haven’t got options because our clinic is experienced in treating all kinds of pregnancy pain including back pain.

Book in online, or call or reception to find the right time for you.

If you want to learn what else we treat during pregnancy, take a look here at our Pregnancy & Osteopathy page.

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