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bicep muscle | bicep tendonitis

1 culprit causing your neck pain that no one thinks about!

Written by Dr Elise Fuller

bicep muscle | bicep tendonitis

There are so many culprits of neck pain. Stress, jaw clenching, etc

But have you ever considered you biceps are contributing to your neck pain?

As if! I can see you rolling your eyes at me… But hear me out!

Your biceps job is to bend your elbow. It also has a function in flexing the arm at the shoulder. Can you think of an everyday position where your elbows are bent with a slight flexion of the shoulder? I’m in this exact position as I type this article… That’s right! Computer work.

So you don’t even need to be pumping out those bicep curls to have tight and sore biceps!

But where does the neck pain come in?

Well, as us osteopaths love to go on about, the body is a whole and everything works together to keep you moving. So if your biceps are tight, your shoulders will be pulled forward because of the biceps attachments around the shoulder. Pop yourself in this position. What happens to your neck when you pull your shoulders forward?

You’ll feel your traps and neck area tense up. You’ll also feel the base of your skull compress. (Hello headaches.) You might even feel some tension around your shoulder blades.

So whilst the biceps are not a directly connected to the neck they play an indirect role in changing your posture causing strain.

What can you do about your bicep causing neck pain?

It’s actually not easy to pick up on yourself whether your biceps are super tight because they don’t often cause pain at their site. So a really simple thing to do to test if they’re the cause of your neck pain is to stretch!

You can start with a simple pec stretch. This stretch will address some of the bicep fibres. You can then complete this stretch but with an outstretched elbow to get more of the biceps belly.

Check out our BICEP STRETCH HERE on our stretches page.

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