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disc | disc prolapse | disc bulge | osteopath disc
Seriously poor you… Discs are one of the most painful (but usually not serious) problems we treat. If a disc injury sufferer only takes pain medication as treatment, by the time their disc settles down they are very stiff and achy and often describe a feeling of heaviness and pressure in their back. These people...
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Mastitis | Blocked duct | Osteopathy | Kew
The combination of my engorged breasts and my baby’s little face and mouth were enough to create my mastitis nightmare. At 3am when my first son was 3 weeks old I awoke with a sharp pain in the side of my left breast.  We had been having latching issues from day dot, I was stressed...
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Could this be you? Waking up with headaches Headache doesn’t improve as they day progresses Soreness or irritation in your eyes Do you hear or feel your jaw click Tight feeling in front of your ear, in your jaw joint (know as the TMJ which stands for “temporo-mandibular joint”) Do you notice if you grind...
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We are not only safe & effective with this age-group, we are realistic in what we can achieve for our clients.  The majority benefit from our Osteopathic approach to healthcare. Not surprisingly we see a lot of degenerative arthritic complaints with seniors, mostly: Low back Lower neck Knees Mid back Our approach is to restore...
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Migraine | Osteopathy | Treatment
There are so many headache sufferers on the planet, and then there are migraines.  I have them a couple of times a year so I can totally empathise with you if you also experience them.  The exact cause is not fully understood, there being a multitude of aggravating and triggers. So how are they different...
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