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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call Reception

FAQ's - Anatomy in Motion

What time zone are we in?

Our clinic is in Melbourne, Australia.  We are in the Sydney time zone.

Can I claim my session on Private Health?

Unfortunately you can’t claim online consultations through your Private Health Funds.

How much does it cost?

$270AUD 60 mins consult (within Australia)

$285AUD 60 min consult (International – NOT USA/Canada)

$300AUD 60 min consult (USA/Canada)

This includes our pre-appointment analysis + a set of 3 wedges if you don’t have them.

International rates slightly higher due to increased insurance requirements (which are highest in North America) & includes for shipping of wedges.


How do I pay?

Our clinic software will request pre-payment on bookings. The platform used is called Stripe.

What system requirements do I need?
Please check out this helpful guide on your system requirements from our clinic software provider made especially for you, by clicking the link below.
What do I wear?

Clothing that shows your outline and contours is best for our eyes.  Sloppy clothes hide many things BUT “active wear” is the bees knees!

What software do I need?

You will be sent an email with more information on this. 

Mostly just using Chrome or Firefox and have a camera and microphone enabled.

What do I need to bring to my online consult session?

If you can have your wedges (if you have them), and then any other exercise equipment you have, such as foam roller, spikey ball, theraband close by as your practitioner might like to show you exercises with these.

A spare pair of socks can be great too.  We can show you how these might also help you with movement therapy if you don’t have wedges!

Should everyone have an online consult?

Online consults are not for everyone and every condition. There are times when this might not be the right choice.  

Feel free to ask us any other questions you might have.