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Homemade Handsoap Recipe

For a sensitive Nose

Homemade Handsoap recipe

This handsoap was made in response to my migraine symptoms that had been worsening with a specific trigger – scent.

I decided that I should try and make my own and as it turned out, not only was it better for my migraines, it was better in my purse!  Good win!

So here it is.  I hope it proves to be worthwhile for you & your family, as it has mine.


What you need:
  1. A 250ml foaming soap dispenser (you can get one from the supermarket and rinse it out – like the one in the pic)
  2. Dr Bonner’s Castille Soap
  3. Cooled kettle water
  4. An essential oil of choice – I love using lemon
How to make it:

In your clean foaming soap bottle place:

  1. 3 Tablespoons of Dr Bonner’s Castille soap
  2. About 20 drops of essential oil – but see what amount works for you
  3. Top up with the cooled kettle water
  4. replace the foaming cap and turn up/down a couple of times – Done!

That is seriously all there is to it.  I have been making this stuff for years now.  I actually make it up in 2L juice bottles these days for convenience.  Just multiply the quantities for 8 bottles.

I wish you well.

Dr Katie Willy – Osteopath

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