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Do you often wake up in the morning with a headache on either side of the Jaw?

Or maybe above the ears on one or both sides of your head?

Does your jaw click when you yawn or chew?
Do you struggle to bite into something like an apple?

These are common signs associated with jaw pain. Here’s a super-quick overview…

  • Up to 20% of the population battles with jaw pain at one time or another in their life.
  • It affects women more than men.
  • Usually presents with a wide array of symptoms.
But what actually causes the jaw to feel this way?
Are you struggling to bite into an apple?

Sometimes people might have had a direct trauma to the jaw, like being crunched playing football, netball or in a basketball game (there seems to be an awful lots of elbows being thrown around in “non-contact sports”). There are direct and indirect anatomical links between the 14 bones of the skull and the jaw. Which means even a knock to the front, side or back of the head may impact the jaw.

 The jaw can be affected when other parts of the body have suffered an issue. It may be that the neck isn’t functioning well, and the jaw has to do a bit more work to help it out.   If the neck is sore for a long period of time, the jaw may have to start leading the way when turning or tilting the head, this puts extra pressure on the jaw and may result in pain.

Jaw pain | TMJ | Jaw dysfunction
What if you have a splint from the dentist but it hasn’t stopped the jaw complaints?

A splint is helpful because it can ease some of the tension through jaw muscles that are working too hard and of course it stops the teeth being from damaged from clenching or grinding. What it will not do is stop the underlying reasons why the jaw is behaving this way in the first place.

Some previous history that might point us in the right direction are things like:
  • Dental work
  • Chin/facial/neck scars
  • Scars from stitches
  • Concussion/head knocks
  • Broken bones or bad sprains (anywhere in the body).

 We are extremely fortunate in our clinic to have experienced osteopaths who have had extra training in anatomy in motion and craniosacral therapy. This gives us the foresight to see the whole picture and not just treating pain but being able to find the cause of pain.

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