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Milk Mate Breast Massage Devices

Written by Dr Katie Willy

Milk Mate Breast Massage Tools…

If only these Milk Mate massagers were available when I was breast-feeding my boys nearly 6 & 8 years ago, because these massage tools mean less work for your hands. 

All breast-feeding mother know how much management there is when it comes to providing sustenance for a whole other person. 

They might be small, but their growth rate is considerably faster than any other time in their life.  And you, their mum, is trying to not only provide the food source for them, but also take care of yourself with diet and fluid intake, as well as manage your breasts changing every moment of the day.  It can be bloody hard to keep up with the routine.

Filling…emptying…not quite full enough…emptying again but different each side…the variation!

So why do we choose to stock Milk Mate massage tools?

The answer is simple.  Given the number of appointments we have with breast-feeding mothers for mastitis, engorgement, blebs, lumps, etc, we were looking for self-help tools that complement our hands-on treatment.  These tools provide an EASY way for you to encourage better breast health in general.

AND they are an Australian company!!

Have trouble with let-down? 

Place the vibration massager on your breast prior to latching the baby and reduce the stress of “the wait”!

Trying to increase flow rate?

The massager can remain on the breast throughout the feed, with the potential to stimulate your tissue.

What about engorgement & massage?

The massager could encourage the flow of your milk, even if you need to express with the pump, you may be able to increase the flow and reduce THAT pressure feeling we all know so well!

And mastitis massage…what about that?

We use ultrasound in the clinic which creates a micro-vibratory effect in the breast tissue.  These USB rechargeable massagers also create vibration that could loosen the congestion of the lumps.

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Milkmate Massager $64 inc GST

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