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Relaxation Massage

Tense muscle tissue has the potential to block you up, stiffen your movement and stop you being able to do daily tasks easily.  Why not see an experienced practitioner of myotherapy.

When someone gets their muscles worked on it can feel so good, so relieving and that feeling afterwards can be heaven. 

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Pregnancy Massage

Yes pregnant women deserve some relief. 

Yes massage is a way to release built-up tension from your changing body.  It feels great in the moment and will encourage freer movement and better sleep afterwards.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Tight muscles not letting you do your best? Loosen the legs and back, loosen the shoulders and neck. 

Imagine the release of tension you will get freeing your body to achieve more.

Linda Myotherapy Practitioner remedial Massage


Linda provides the myotherapy service at the clinic.  She is a highly qualified Remedial Massage Therapist & Myotherapist with years of experience.

Linda will ensure that she has a detailed background and understanding of your condition.  So regardless of whether you require extra care for illness, a considered approach for pregnancy or just great understanding for relaxation or sports massage, Linda has the knowledge to help you .

Lymphatic Drainage

Fluid Movement

Specialised massage technique used to assist fluid drainage from limbs to be reabsorbed by the bod

Oncology Support Therapy

For those special needs clients.  A calm and considered muscle therapy approach.


Dry Needling & Cupping

An additional skill for muscles that might require a local approach for relief.

Muscle Energy Technique


Another way to gently work a muscle into it’s own relaxation state to achieve greater muscle ease.

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