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Having worked in Balwyn North since 2004, Boroondara Osteopathy is a well-established clinic. When looking for healthcare it’s important to find practitioners that will look for the root cause of your pain and not simply treat the symptoms. Symptom treating is useful and required, but fails to improve your body for longer term management. Our Osteopaths in Balwyn North treat a varied range of conditions that includes spinal or sports injuries, headaches and postural issues as well as time-of-life challenges such as pregnancy or degenerative conditions like arthritis.  If you are after quality healthcare from caring professionals that listen, then Boroondara Osteopathy in Balwyn North are here for you.

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Our Osteopathic Services in Balwyn North.

Osteopathy can come in varying forms. Our practice has a strong focus on the movement capacity of our body, looking at ways to help your body move more fluently and with less pain. Muscle tension, joint restriction and tissue wind up are common place in a body in pain. These issues also occur with recurrent problems and so it is important to get to the bottom of what is causing your body to function this way.

Acute issues like neck catching, ankle sprains and disc injuries also present with that sudden disabling of an area. Our Osteopaths are well-educated in working through an acute problem, providing easy measures for relief you can add to our treatment at home, and rehabilitating the affected area.

Preventative strategies are also a great way to improve your body for “tomorrow”! Given our passion for the mechanics of the human body, your treatment will also include ways to reduce the recurrence of the problem.

Stretches & Mobilising

Understanding how to gain the most freedom from your joints and muscles can be liberating. Think of that tight neck muscle that just keeps causing grief, or that old knee issue that seems to stir up when you get into the garden. Our Osteopaths in Balwyn North will use many hands-on techniques to work out the tissue problem with the goal to re-balance your body so it works evenly in all directions. Stretches for your muscles and simple patterns for joint movement can go a long way to accomplish this.

Craniosacral Osteopathy

The skull holds some interesting relationships withing the body. It’s a fascinating area of work to see where the skulls feels less mobile, yes less mobile. Your skull has unfused lines between the bones known as sutures. It’s between these sutures that a cranial osteopath will feel for mobility or lack thereof. People that seek craniosacral therapy may be interested in it for headaches, jaw pain, sinus issues, feeling dullness or vague, anxiety, or simply looking for another therapy to investigate their chronic issue which could possibly have resulted from a physical head trauma. Having craniosacral therapists in Balwyn North provides the convenience many people are looking for!

Tongue Tie & Osteopathy

Another forgotten body part is the tongue, and the part that tension places on the rest of the neck and spine due to an overload of tension in a tongue tie. In babies this can look like feeding difficulties with latching, in children it may be mumbling, food-storing in cheeks, snoring and in adults it can be chronic neck pain, snoring or sleep apnoea. Difficulties with breathing can also show up at any age with a tongue tie. Check out our dedicated tongue tie page.

Pregnancy & Osteopathy

Yes, pregnancy can create a problem of muscle tension, joint restriction and many other pains. Reflux can be an issue for a rib cage that is getting tighter, hips pains when your pelvis and low back after taking on too much strain and becoming stiff, and even neck pain and headaches from a challenged posture. But the other yes is that you can get treatment while you are pregnant to reduce load on the parts that are struggling with pregnancy. Our Osteopaths are here to assess & treat your unique situation with your pregnancy.

Babies & Osteopathy

Parents seek an Osteopath for their baby for a multitude of reasons

When a baby is unsettled, have you ever thought it might be due to their body having been curled up inside for such a period of time that they may have trouble uncurling. This might lead to discomfort in baby that they share with you as unsettled behaviour. Birth trauma can also impact baby from forceps and vacuum, to difficult positions and strains through the birth canal, to cesearean born babies that may have not benefited from natural birthing strains through the birth canal. No matter how baby entered this world, our Osteopaths will look over you baby with absolute care looking for reasons for feeding issues, colic, head-turning preferences and and other concerns you have.

Anatomy in Motion (AiM)

Did you know that all the injuries/surgeries and other traumas that have occurred in your life contribute to the posture you hold today?

Our work with an Anatomy in Motion structure creates an opportunity to decipher what patterns your body is still holding onto, what body parts you are avoiding despite the injury or problem sometimes years prior and how to re-balance the body so you use both sides equally again. Simply look down at your feet and see how different they might look from each other. Anatomy in motion is a whole body perspective that includes your feet and they are, and are not moving.

If you want to look into why you keep suffering from the same problem repetitively, Anatomy in Motion in our avenue to work with restoring movement in your joints and explaining why you feel what you feel.

Given there’s so few experienced Anatomy in Motion practitioners globally, it’s a wonderful therapeutic approach we bring to Balwyn North and the surrounds.


Not the experience you dream of when breastfeeding is it! Mastitis has to be one of the most difficult issues breastfeeding mamas deal with given the pain, flu-like symptoms and then quite often a low milk supply during that time. Our Osteopaths are highly educated in issues of the breast while breastfeeding, including mastitis and will not only treat your breast with ultrasound and massage therapy, but we teach you how to manage this yourself when you get home to work at improving your symptoms faster and preventing recurrent problems. We make sense of your issue for you.

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Our group of Osteos have a great team culture team to work out the best way forward for you.  We are body nerds that love thinking through a problem to find an answer to your unique situation. 

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