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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call Reception

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Boroondara Osteopathy is a well-established clinic, having served the community of Balwyn since 2004. Our goal is finding the root cause of the issue you turn up with, to improve your quality-of-life in the long-term. Whether you have neck or back pain, a sports injury or a long-standing issue you keep having to deal with, our Balwyn Osteopaths are keen to work the problem out with you. So if you are looking for quality health care from an established clinic in Balwyn, we are here to help.

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Our Osteopathic Services.

With a strong focus on the movement of your joints and tension in your muscles, treatment is tailored to your specific issue. The most common problems the human body encounters is in the spine which includes the neck. Many pains come back to an issue in the spine and the stress it is under. However we also have strengths in deciphering painful problems in the limbs. Acute troubles like sprains and strains, or chronic ongoing problems are all under the umbrella of conditions we guide our clients through.

An important part of your treatment (apart from direct hands on bodywork from one of our Osteopaths) is teaching you strategies to overcome the problem and re-train movement patterns. Rehabilitation after acute injuries such as ankle sprains, post-fracture rehab and other post-surgical cases are included in the services we offer.

Stretches & Mobilising

This gets to the nitty-gritty focus points of your pain to release and relieve tissues of stress and tension. Our experienced hands-on body work for muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs and joints means we can work on whatever the issue is. All aimed at re-balancing the body to feel less tension and less pain.

Craniosacral Osteopathy

A closer look into the skull and the pelvic bones can reveal many things about your body. Clients with sinus pressure issues, headaches, anxiety, and just an overall feeling of “not quite right” often seek craniosacral therapy from our Osteopaths to find that missing piece. Skull trauma can also be a good reason to see a craniosacral Osteopath to look for what might seem like a small imbalance, but is actually a significant contributing problem for the whole body as one system.

Tongue Tie & Osteopathy

Our assessment are not only for babies and tongue tie, but also adults who may have an un-diagnosed tongue-tie. Adults left with a tongue tie can be a real issue for neck pain and headaches, and in simple terms, a body that just seems to keep having ongoing problems. When the tongue is tied, it creates a scenario where many other parts of the mouth muscles and neck tissues are overworked (and underpaid!).  If you have ongoing headaches around the base of the skull and into the eyes, this is definitely worth a look!

Pregnancy & Osteopathy

With so much change occurring in the pregnant woman’s body, it’s really not surprising that imbalances arise in the muscles and joints. Luckily pregnancy aches and pains can be treated, and also improved with at-home strategies to help you through. Our Osteopaths will treat you with great care and consideration, using specialised pregnancy pillows for comfort throughout your treatment.

Babies & Osteopathy

Babies are people too, with bodies that may have been sitting curled up in utero, or experienced strain patterns during birthing.  If you baby is particularly unsettled we will look for the reasons that may be contributing through baby’s little body. This might look like a head-turning preference, tension around the face and jaw, not using their limbs evenly, a tendency to roll one leg over the other. Even if you cannot see anything for yourself but you feel your baby seems uncomfortable, maybe in pain, crying a lot, we can look into the background as to why that might be the case.

Anatomy in Motion (AiM)

Compensation patterns occur in everyone. Adaptive postures are created throughout our lives. Posture is often thought of as a choice, bad posture being laziness of the owner of the body. Well what if we explained to you how your body ended up in the adaptive and compensated space it has. That could look like a head tilting to one side, a slouched upper back, one shoulder sitting lower, a hip turned out more than another, a knee jammed back, a foot turned in, bow legs, knock knees and the list goes on. Anatomy in Motion is our model of deciphering your history of trauma & injury and piecing together a timeline as to where things in your body started to “go wrong”. Then providing you new ways to overcome those issues.


Yes! We treat breastfeeding women for mastitis! WHY? Because it’s a part of women’s healthcare poorly managed and we have a way to not only treat breastfeeding issues such as mastitis, but to educate women so they stop fearing the problem, and instead are knowledgeable and empowered to treat themselves. We use therapeutic ultrasound and hands-on therapy AND a solid education in breast tissue & function to get you past this!

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Our Team of Experienced Osteopaths

Our dedicated staff are a close-knit team of Osteopaths who work together with each other to discuss the best outcomes for our clientele. Our passion for the human body function and the ease at which you can assist people to find in themselves serves as a great passion for all our Osteopaths here in Balwyn.

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