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It’s always our strategy with your treatment, to identify the tissues causing your problem and then loosen and soften them up, focusing on reducing your symptoms.

PLUS we also look at what is causing the issue in the first place and implement strategies to limit or even remove the impact of the cause.

Yes, we do maintenance treatment in some cases, but our goal is to have you NOT needing us because you feel so much better from our treatment approach!

If you don’t want to be stuck on the treadmill of treatment then we are your people.

And just for the record we have loads of experience and have been working in Balwyn North since 2004.

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As an experienced bunch of ‘Body Nerds’, we love working on solving movement & pain problems. Our goal is to get you back to what you love doing ASAP.

Experience Quality Care!

Boroondara Osteopathy has been working in the local community since 2004 to alleviate aches and pains & improve day-to-day life.

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With dedicated techniques to:




& REHABILITATE your problem…


…our method works on taking the pressure off the painful area & also restoring functional capacity.

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Our approach includes re-aligning your body to improve posture and pain.

Let’s find out WHY your problem area is overloaded, overstretched, compressed, maybe even working too hard.

Then we will understand how it resulted in today’s symptoms so we can implement a plan to change it.

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Massage ⋅ Mobilise ⋅ Stretch ⋅ Release ⋅ Rebalance ⋅ Restore

Ongoing limitations in your body can be disruptive to how you want to live.

Our experienced team will tailor a treatment plan directly for you. We decipher the cause of pain and stiffness, making sense of your symptoms to move you forward with a solution.

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Osteopathic Assessment Includes:


Job ergonomics

Past history of injury

Genetic predispositions

Sports overload

Imbalanced movement patterns


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Want to know more about what Osteopathy can do for:

Neck & Back Pain (Spine)

Your spine does a lot of work forming the structure that many other body parts kind of hang off. So it has a lot to manage on a day-to-day basis as we use our bodies for many activities which includes sedentary work such as desk work. Neck & back can be considerably disruptive and impact on muscle tension as well as posture, all aspects our Osteopaths treat regularly. We have a number of blogs on spinal pain, you could have a read of this one 3 Reasons Your Back Hurts When SittingEven a woman’s menstrual cycle can have an effect on low back pain, you can read about it HERE.

Headaches & Migraine

There are many types of headaches that affect people. Our work involves discussing the unique characteristics of your headache to work out the REAL cause. This is is because many headaches are actually a symptom and the cause can involve, neck or jaw issues, postural imbalance, shoulder problems, stress and anxiety, hydration and many more. You’ll want someone who can make sense of your answers to work on finding you a headache solution. Migraines are another part of this puzzle. They can be irritated also from spinal or muscular issues, hormonal challenges with other considerations too. Your history form will help us work the problem with you for your migraines. We look at a wide range of reasons that could be causing your headache or migraine. Have a read of this blog, Recurrent Headaches? Is it Your Diaphragm?

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are another common problem that occurs for Balwyn North residents. With many local sports facilities it is great to see so many residents enjoying indoor and outdoor sports. Ankle sprains, knee pain, ligaments and tendon injuries, rotator cuff injuries can be resolved with osteopathy. With Boroondara Osteopathy in a neighbouring suburb, many sports people attend our clinic for osteopathy treatment to get back into sports ASAP.  Our skill in accurate diagnosis enables our clients to understand their pain and be able to avoid future aggravations. Here’s an article that might interest you on why there are so many hamstring injuries.

Jaw Pain / TMJ

TMJ simply stands for temporo-mandibular joint which is where your jaw bone attaches to your skull. The jaw has a huge relationship with the neck and skull so it’s important to get the right assessment of all these structures to in your consultation. Our Osteopaths are experienced in working through the muscular tension patterns that occur with jaw issues, and also the structural side of how your joints joints, your TMJ’s, are gliding on the skull. Read our blog on Is Jaw Pain Always a Jaw Issue?


Our aging population creates another challenge for pain sufferers. Osteopathy combines massage, stretching, joint treatment and preventative strategies. This approach is appropriate for arthritis sufferers as it is directly related to reliving joint pain. Many Balwyn North arthritis sufferers have found Boroondara Osteopathy a fantastic clinic due to the caring disposition of the Osteopaths, and the effective physical therapy that is provided by a professional team. If you like, have a read of our arthritis article Don’t Believe in Wear & Tear.


Sciatica is common because low back issues are common. Many people think any pain to the leg is sciatica but that’s not actually true. Sciatica is a specific diagnosis when the sciatic nerve is getting pinched by another structure, which could be bone, disc or other.Many people who think they have sciatica actually have what is known as spinal referred pain. Check out our blog on sciatica, What Does Sciatica Feel Like? .

Ankle Sprains

Unfortunately ankle sprains are an extremely common and poorly-treated or untreated injury. Your foot is a foundation for your body and its 26 bones and 36 joints have very specific pattern of motion. Ankle sprains upset this pattern and can have many impacts down-the-track on your knees, hips & spine. Our Osteopaths have fantastic rehabilitation ideas for acute or old ankle sprains. When acute we also treat with ultrasound to help improve the inflammation and swelling.

Shoulder Tension

Shoulder tension is something we all experience from time-to-time. But what many people think of as shoulder tension, is actually neck tension in the trapezius and levator scapulae muscles of the neck and shoulder blade. These issue can arise due to old arm injuries, postural patterns and even stress & anxiety. Shoulder tension can change considerably with the right postural retraining and muscle and joint release. Have a read of our blog here called Why Your Posture is NOT Your Fault.

Knee Pain

The poor old knee. It’s so often the meat in the sandwich of foot and hip problems. That’s not to say the knee couldn’t be the problem, but you’ll definitely want someone who can tell the difference. yes, knees can have ligament issues, cartilage trouble, muscle imbalances and arthritic issues and that should be determined from the history rather than from pain itself. Our Osteopaths know the difference and know how to get to the bottom of your knee issue. Read about knees and feet in our blog titled How Foot Pain can Turn Into Knee Pain

Foot Pain

Feet are commonly just given orthotics to “fix” an issue. Our Osteopaths delve a lot further than splinting your foot and will actually look at how your foot is positioned, and how it moves. It’s also important as an Osteopath to see how you naturally stand in your foot so we can see what muscle tension your unique stance is linked with. Feet are an interesting structure that also needs to be assessed with regard to the rest of your lower limb to see if another area is causing you pain. That’s our job! here’s an article we’ve written asking the question Are Flat Feet the Worst?

Plantar Fasciitis

So often any sole of the foot pain is blamed on plantar fasciitis. Like a headache, plantar fasciitis is a symptom of something not moving enough, or in fact it could be moving too much, with regard to the joints of your foot and leg. There is a distinct pattern of pain with plantar fasciitis and will help you work out if this is your issue or another foot problem mimicking plantar fasciitis. Read our blog called That Pain in My Heel, Is that Plantar Fasciitis?

Disc Injury

Discs sit between each of your spinal bones and cart like a super strong cushion. But they can become inflamed and even break open to a degree. They are one of the most painful conditions we treat in clinic and need to be treated with care. Disc injury often occurs when your posture has been out’s of alignment for quite a long time, then it’s usually something innocuous that is the straw that breaks the camel’s back…so to speak. Our goal is always to reduce the acute pain experience, and work at re-patterning your posture to reduce the imbalanced load on your disc. Many people want scans of their spine when they do a disc. We have some info about that here in our blog titled Disc Bulges & MRI.

MUM Pain & Pregnancy Pain

Pregnancy pain for soon-to-be mothers located in Balwyn North and surrounds, seek Osteopathic therapy due to the gentle capacity of our techniques. Pregnancy pain can include back pain, pelvic pain, muscle injuries and pelvic imbalance. These problems are all appropriate for Osteopathic treatment, including post-partum relief for breast-feeding and lifting injuries many new mothers experience. Headaches and upper back pain are common pains women experience from breast-feeding. Osteopaths can provide you with preventative measures to reduce the impact of these pains, whilst teaching you strategies to manage new activities required to care for an infant. Here we’ve written about The Real Story of How Mothers Feel. AND Is Your Pregnancy Becoming Painful? Have a read.

Want more on Pregnancy, check out our dedicated Pregnancy BLOG page.


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Since our doors opened in 2004, our team has been working with people in our community to get them back to what they love doing.

Your quality-of-life is always our goal with regard to your health and providing you with opportunities to improve your body.

At Boroondara Osteopathy, we love to treat and find the long-term solution for residents in Balwyn, Balwyn North and surrounding suburbs.

See our Osteopaths for:

Back Pain

Neck Pain


Sports Injury

Jaw Pain / TMJ



Ankle Sprains


Shoulder Tension

Knee Pain

Foot Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Hip Issues

“Mum Posture”

Disc Pain

Our team at Boroondara Osteopathy offer you considerable experience in deciphering a range of body challenges that we as a community suffer. 

Osteopathy provides a framework to understand the connections in the body to identify the root cause of your issues.

Our process is to listen carefully to your interpretation of the problem, provide a solid treatment plan and strategy for you to move forward in your recovery, to get you back to what you love doing!

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