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Our Osteopaths have a treatment approach with a difference.

Treating symptoms is important for relief but uncovering connected areas to your pain is essential so you are not left with frustration & ongoing issues.

Massaging, mobilising, manipulating, stretching, educating, moving.

We have all the techniques to soften, loosen, move and rehabilitate your problem to take the pressure off the painful area.

Re-balancing and re-aligning your body and your connective tissues.

Balance reduces tissue stress.  Body tissues under less stress means less or no pain.

It’s about finding out why your problem area is overloaded, overstretched, compressed, maybe even working too hard, then detailing it in such a way that you finally understand this whole body system, how it resulted in today’s symptoms AND what to do to unravel the problematic area.

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Since our doors opened in 2004, our team has been working with people in our community to get them back to what they love doing.

Your quality-of-life is always our goal with regard to your health and providing you with opportunities to improve your body.

The Thorough Assessment


Job ergonomics

Past history of injury

Genetic predispositions

Sports overload

Imbalanced movement patterns


Osteopathy | Foot Pain | Plantar Fascia

Our team at Boroondara Osteopathy offer you considerable experience in deciphering the vast range of  body challenges that we as a community suffer. 

Osteopathy provides a framework to understand the connections in the body to identify the root cause of your issues.

Our process is to listen carefully to your interpretation of the problem, and then provide a solid treatment plan and strategies for you to move forward in your recovery. 

All to get you back to what you love doing!

Hit the reset button on your:

Back Pain

Neck Pain


Sports Injury

Jaw Pain / TMJ



Ankle Sprains


Shoulder Tension

Knee Pain

Foot Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Hip Issues

Our Osteopaths have been doing this job for years, collectively over 30 years.  Our dedicated group provides excellent physical treatment & prevention strategies, as well as a diagnosis in plain English for your particular problem, so you understand.  We have helped thousands of people just like you, and continually participate in further education to improve or services and knowledge

Common conditions Balwyn North Osteopaths treat:

  • Acute or chronic muscular pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Back Pain and Neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Joint injuries
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Shoulder problems/pain
  • Postural problems
  • Work injuries
  • Injuries after a car accident
  • Sports Injuries
  • Pregnancy Related Pain

Call our reception staff today and book an appointment. 9859 5059.  We are located in the Balwyn North Village in Balwyn North.
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Balwyn North residents are involved in many activities that could compromise their spinal health. Not only are there many small business owners working long hours jeopardising their health, there are also a number of families  who require Osteopathy care. When in pain, our osteopaths provide residents with an effective solution for their pain relief.  With our thorough approach when assessing your condition, and our treatment with physical therapy, many people have found Boroondara Osteopathy and great way to get back-on-track.

Pregnancy pain

Pregnancy pain for soon-to-be mothers located in Balwyn North, benefit greatly from Osteopathic therapy dues to the gentle capacity of our techniques. Pregnancy pain can include back pain, pelvic pain, muscle injuries and pelvic imbalance. These problems are all appropriate for Osteopathic treatment, including post-partum relief for breast-feeding and lifting injuries many new mothers experience. Headaches and upper back pain are common pains women experience from breast-feeding. Osteopaths can provide you with preventative measures to reduce the impact of these pains, whilst teaching you strategies to manage new activities required to care for an infant.

Sports injuries

Sports injuries are another common problem that occurs for Balwyn North residents. With many local sports facilities it is great to see so many residents enjoying indoor and outdoor sports. Ankle sprains, knee pain, ligaments and tendon injuries, rotator cuff injuries can be resolved with osteopathy. With Boroondara Osteopathy in a neighbouring suburb, many sports people attend our clinic for osteopathy treatment to get back into sports ASAP.  Our skill in accurate diagnosis enables our clients to understand their pain and be able to avoid future aggravations.  With a clinic so close we house 4 Balwyn North Osteopaths.


Our aging population creates another challenge for Balwyn North pain sufferers. Osteopathy is a safe and effective treatment choice that combines massage, stretching, joint treatment and preventative strategies. This approach is appropriate for Balwyn arthritis sufferers as it is directly related to reliving joint pain. Many Balwyn North arthritis sufferers have found Boroondara Osteopathy a fantastic clinic due to the caring disposition of the Osteopaths, and the effective physical therapy that is provided by a professional team

About Boroondara Osteopathy

Osteopaths examine more than just the site of pain and discomfort to identify the primary source of you pain & discomfort. This ensures an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan. We also identify factors that cause and continue to aggravate your condition, which may include work and lifestyle habits, and offer advice to ensure you reach your best state of health. Headaches, pregnancy pain, arthritis and spinal pain are common complaints we treat. Osteopathy is safe and effective for all age groups.

Having been a leading clinic in the Balwyn North area since 2004, Boroondara Osteopathy has been providing  residents with osteo treatment for many years.  Balwyn North residents have frequently sought osteo treatment from us due to our valuable reputation for osteopathic healing and management.  And due to our close proximity to their homes.  Health care is always better utilised when close to home and in saying that we are a trusted choice for the area.

Our long-standing clients have referred many clients to us over the years due to our reputation for healing pain and injury. With 5 experienced Osteopaths, Balwyn North residents have found this factor an important one when choose and Osteopathy clinic for their needs.

Having recently re-fitted rooms, we will be consulting here for many years to come.


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