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Celeste Codemo | Balwyn North

Dr Celeste Codemo

Dry Needling Qualified
Melbourne Mastitis Clinic Practitioner

About me...

To be honest, I really feel for people that are in constant pain and wondering how they might be able to get some relief.  I see my “job” as the detective, working out how to help you with the issue you come in with.  But that’s not all. My knowledge of how the body is connected as a whole system means you wont get a bandaid treatment.  I have a lot more to offer you than that as we work together to understand the background reason you are feeling what you feel.

My qualifications have been extended to the area of dry needling where I use this technique to complement the wonderful manual therapy bodywork that comes with being an Osteopath.

Being a part of Boroondara Osteopathy has meant a fantastic education in the issues breastfeeding women encounter in the Melbourne Mastitis Clinic.  My colleagues have been instrumental in my learning here as well as my own reading into the topics of mastitis, blocked ducts and engorgement.  It’s truly an exceptional privilege to work with women and give them the support they deserve when they feel stuck in a breastfeeding conundrum.  This special interest area of women’s health is a genuine passion given the outcomes we produce as a group with regard to breastfeeding issues.

I look forward to helping you improve how you get to experience your life, your family,your work, whatever it may be.  My goal is working on whatever is important for you at this time. 

Fun Facts

  • loves word pun
  • went to boarding school
  • a savvy cook
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