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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call Reception
Osteopath Dr Sarah Lenarcic | kew osteo

Dr Sarah Lenarcic

Melbourne Mastitis Clinic Practitioner
Dry needling & Cupping Qualified
Qualified Sports Trainer (Currently at Balwyn Tigers FC)

About me...

My passion for Osteopathy stems from how important it is that people have an opportunity for quality treatment & education when they are in pain and needing assistance. Pain can feel rather scary or just annoying disruptive, with everything possibility in-between. As a health professional I work with you and your goals tailoring the required treatment and a treatment plan that enables progression and a return to your regular activities.

With the prevalence of headaches and jaw pain that exists in today’s society, this has developed as a strong interest area of mine, to ascertain the root cause of the issues as well as providing symptomatic relief for “right now”. Postural complaints are often associated with headaches and jaw pain and I look at this in detail to work on strategies to get you out of these pain patterns.

Having completed further training in Women’s Health, I make up part of the team that assists women via the Melbourne Mastitis Clinic. Blocked ducts, mastitis & engorgement are the main issues mums seek treatment for and we pride ourselves in this clinic in providing a quality therapeutic experience, and educating mums on the best practices to ease their discomfort and struggle with breastfeeding related health issues.

I  also have considerable experience with the realm of sporting related injuries, treatment and management, through my position as a sports trainer at the Balwyn Tigers Football Club since 2017. It is a valuable additional education and a fantastic position to work as part of a team of trainers, as well as physiotherapists and osteopaths, and gain many insights from each unique member of our team. My skillset with acute injuries is highly developed having had this position in treating acute injuries in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment, often having to independently make rapid decisions for an athlete’s well-being.  Being interested in sports myself, I know how much you want to get back into your chosen activity and the value of a solid rehabilitation plan

Osteopathy is a rewarding profession to be able to work with people to improve their quality of life. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Fun Facts

  • Played netball for almost 20 years!!
  • Loves a good bake-off in the kitchen
  • An outdoors type, especially with my dog