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Katie Willy | Osteopath | Balwyn North

Dr Katie Willy

Principal Osteopath
Anatomy In Motion Certified Practitioner
Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Tongue Tie Therapist
Melbourne Mastitis Clinic Founder
Co-creator @yourtwojugs breast self-treatment education platform

About Katie...

I have a genuine view of the body as a machine where all the parts need to be working together.  No part is isolated from another, as each impacts the functions of all the others.  What I love about my work is the detective process to find out what the painful region has been impacted by.  I do not treat with a bandaid approach.  I will not just look at where you have painful symptoms.  I want to know WHY you are feeling what you are feeling to get to the bottom of the issue.

With this in mind my further studies focuses on the inter-relationships of the body structures.  I have completed Gary Ward’s (author of “What the foot”) Anatomy-In-Motion (AiM) course on four occasions .  This way of thinking focuses on the patterns our body adopts throughout life from trauma, injury and impacts, that our brain doesn’t let go of.  AiM utilises specific movement patterns to re-train your brain to adopt the most natural physical patterns working to resolve imbalances and pain.

Cranio-sacral therapy has added another dimension to my work with the inter-relationships of the body, and how balance in this system is required for good health.  I have worked on babies and elderly and ages in between for many reasons including birth traumas or interventions with forceps/ventouse, concussions, skull fractures, surgeries and more.  The light touch required to “listen” to the body, to assess and facilitate change is a striking contrast to some of the other work I do with muscular therapy and manipulation.

Being such a common & debilitating problem, headaches are something that I find rewarding to treat because it makes such a difference to the daily lives of the sufferers. Having experienced them for 30 years myself I had wondered why that was the case for a long time.  The question I always had was why is my body set up to create headaches, where did they initially come from?  My solution came from my education with Gary Ward from Anatomy in Motion.  Looking at my injury history it became apparent how my reactive postural adaptions were responsible for the chronic pain.  The unravelling process I went through is what I provide my clients with; a thorough approach that encompasses a look at why the pressure and tension builds up at the “top-end”, what is the domino effect that created the pain pattern.

Another of my interests is in the treatment of chronic spinal injuries that may have had little success with other therapies. I love finding the “nitty gritty” issues of these problems and the different challenges that have often been overlooked. These chronic problems usually occur in the low back, neck, hip or shoulder regions

I have completed extra training in obstetrics and paediatrics and enjoy treating babies with issues such as feeding problems, colic, or pelvic or spinal imbalances that may occur from birth trauma.  Having had 2 babies myself, I understand the impact it can have on the mothers body before and after birth, as well as associated pains that can arise from holding a baby, breast-feeding and general baby needs.

Mastitis is another area that myself and my colleagues work on assisting breast-feeding mothers.  It’s why I’ve founded the Melbourne Mastitis Clinic. Unfortunately this area of healthcare is lacking in terms of awareness.  Our work has included writing a 27-page protocol based on research and experience with breast-feeding issues, encompassing how manual therapy might assist in their recovery.

My ultimate goal in every treatment is what can I do today to assist this person for tomorrow and beyond.  I am blessed in my business to be able to work with a group of practitioners that see this goal in their own consultations with our clinic community. 

Fun Facts

  • Top 3 favourites (Cadbury Chocolate Box): Moro, Cherry Ripe, Dream
  • Enjoys a big laugh
  • Loves word-play in language
  • A super social being who loves hanging out with family & friends
  • Gets in trouble if she puts gingernut biscuits in the staff biscuit jar!

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