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Tristan Joss | Osteopath | Balwyn North

Dr Tristan Joss

Anatomy in Motion Practitioner
Cranio-Sacral Therapy

About me...

How many people are stuck wondering why they keep feeling the same pain?  I’ve heard this so much, the situation of having the same problem over and over and we accept that that’s the way it will always be. My 8 years of massage prior to becoming an Osteopath was a great platform for me to experience this scenario &  further my thinking about the body as whole.  My focus: to find the root of your issue and work out how to stop the recurrence of the problem whether it’s your 1st episode or your 50th.  It’s in underlying parts of your history that we find answers.  You just need a practitioner that is going to ask questions! 

The landscape has changed in terms of being told what to do, to a place where people want to be part of their own solution.  That’s definitely where I am at too, that’s the way I like to work with people.

I’ve advanced my skill set to include the Anatomy in Motion work, looking at the best ways to help people in the short and long term.  When we are too accepting of things not getting better many people reluctantly accept age as a reason for issues.  I love showing my clients why age often has nothing to do with their pain, and in fact looking at their history of injury and surgery to show them why they feel the way they do.  Then what they can do about it.  It makes for a pretty rewarding occupation.

Dry needling is another in my list of skills when it comes to those tight bands that occur in muscle tissues.  So if you have tight forearms, calves & knee issues, quads and gluts or traps I find the needles stimulate the healing response and relaxes the tissues.

Sports have been a big part of my life. I love activity and the fun of team sports.  But as we all know, injuries happen.  Being an Osteopath has helped me here, having to rehab my injuries provides the best understanding for what a client will go through.  I think this helps me relate to my clients really well, many saying they like that I understand where they are at in terms of how they feel about their injury.  Understanding is always key in this type of work. 

Given my other studies (aside from Osteopathy) in Sports Therapy, Personal Training and Fitness, I have a considerable background of knowledge in working with sports people and assisting their injury recovery and rehab.  I also love working out spinal problems with clients given its stretch across our society, enabling many to return to their activities of choice in good time. It’s a great feeling when people get to fulfill their goals helped by the focus and therapy you’ve provided them.

Fun facts.

  • He’s not a coffee drinker!
  • Loves tunes…often seeing bands on the weekend

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