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Pregnant Women | Osteopathy and Pregnancy Balwyn

Want to know how to survive pregnancy pain?

Written by Dr Katie Willy

Pelvic Instability | Pregnancy Osteopath Balwyn

Are you having pain challenges with pregnancy pain?

I did too.  Have you been told…”of course you’re in pain, you are pregnant…”?  Don’t accept this statement.  Too many women soldier-on thinking they have to put up with pregnancy pain.  The truth is, that’s right, the truth is that your muscles, bones, joints and ligaments are simply struggling to adapt to your constantly evolving shape.   This can happen in any of your pregnancies and let’s you know that there is an imbalance going on in your pelvis and spine. This is an area where a manual therapist such as an Osteopath might be able to relieve the pain with manual therapy, and also work with you to restore movement balance so you are not having this overload pain in one area.

How would you feel if your pregnancy pain could be helped?

Most women feel relieved just to hear there is hope.  Think about it this way.  Say you are 30 weeks with a sharp jabbing pain in the hip and back. You know you have at least 7 weeks before baby is considered full term.  You know you are going to get bigger and your body will be under more pressure.  This can be a frightening thought, knowing you could get worse and how will that impact on your mobility, the birth and your recovery.

This scenario is real and does happen.  So why not prevent it?
This editorial demonstrated that a number of studies found manual therapy (Osteopathy being one of them) may be beneficial for low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. STUDY-(Interventions for preventing & treating low-back & pelvic pain during pregnancy)

“But relaxen is to blame for the pain.  How can osteopathic treatment stop the relaxen issue?”

If you haven’t heard of relaxen, it is the pregnancy hormone that literally relaxes (softens) your ligaments.  It often get the sole blame for pregnancy pain when this is simply not the truth.  Relaxen helps prepare your pelvis and spine for child birth.  It changes how your body moves due to the increased flexibility.  The GOOD NEWS is Osteopaths don’t have to overcome the relaxen. 

We have to balance out the built-up tightness and stiffness in the joints and muscles that is fighting against the relaxen’s purpose.  Once you are balanced your everyday activities become easier.

Pregnant Women | Osteopathy and Pregnancy Balwyn

Will Osteopathic treatment jeopardise my baby?

No, quite the opposite as you will see.  Our treatment is gentle to your body.  This is always comfortable for our patients and they like the feeling like a good massage.  There is no risk to you or your baby’s health.  In fact you have everything to gain from being in the best physical shape for your baby and you.  This means you will have:

  • a greater ability to exercise
  • a better frame of mind because of the reduced pain
  • better sleep
  • an ability to keep living life while pregnant and not be couch-bound
  • overall enjoyment of pregnancy
  • your birth recovery may be easier

How can Osteopathy be a benefit during and after the birth of my baby?

Difficult pregnancy and childbirth experiences have been identified as one of the biological causes for post-natal depression (PND).  Yet another reason to be at your physical best for your baby!
The other bit of good news is all the hands-on treatment helps prepare your body for labour.  Pelvic and spinal flexibility are vital for a good birth. We help women like you achieve this every week.  I was lucky enough to have two natural & trouble-free births, so it is possible!!

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