What can an Osteo do for you?

Pregnancy Doesn't
Have to be Painful.

Pregnancy-related pain could be completely relieved or greatly reduced, even in the third trimester!

As your pregnancy progresses, the extra weight creates a shift in your body’s balance & your supporting ligaments soften. Look at the diagram to the right and check out the changes occurring in your spinal curves. These factors add stress to your body, causing problems such as spinal and pelvic pain, sciatica, shortness of breath & rib pain. Once given birth, your body has to re-adjust to its old ways. It’s no wonder women experience pregnancy-related pain.

What can an Osteo do for you?

Our osteopaths will help support these postural changes by identifying regions in your body that are either not moving or moving too much. We use a variety of gentle techniques.  Our techniques aim to improve mobility, relieve stress in muscles, tendons and ligaments, giving your body the potential to adjust throughout your pregnancy.Osteopathy involves treatment of the muscles, joints & ligaments using soft tissue massage, joint mobilising and re-alignment of the pelvis and spine.

Osteopathic treatment may help keep your body aligned while pregnant, & potentially maintain your mobility to aide in the birthing process.

How can you treat me with my bump on the front?

We use ‘Belly Pillow’ (big cushions with a hole cut out of the middle) which allows you to lie comfortably on your tummy for your treatment! Most women find that lying on their front is a welcomed change of position.  But don’t worry…if it’s not for you…we just treat you the “old-school” way…lying on your side.

Pregnancy Osteopathy | Balwyn North

For Pregnancy & Beyond

Pregnancy | Osteopathy | Balwyn

Treatment for any Stage of Pregnancy

Providing women with knowledgeable & experienced care at this special time.

Pregnancy Massage | Osteopathy & Pregnancy

Cushions for Your "Bump"

Belly Pillows allow women to lie face-down if they are comfortable to do so.  It’s often a welcomed relief!

Pregnancy | Osteopathy | Kew

Neck - Back - Pelvis - Ribs - Hips

It doesn’t matter where you feel your pains.  We are well-equipped to work it out with you and provide ways for you to stay out of trouble.

Pillow | Neck Pain | Surrey Hills

Need Some Well-Earned Rest?

Pregnancy-pain can wreak havoc on sleep.  Pain rolling over, pillows on pillows just to find some comfort.  Maybe we can loosen the culprit and help you get some sleep.

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A clinic that offers mastitis care which comprises ultrasound therapy and skilled massage to assist in unblocking ducts.

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New “jobs” mean new body stresses.  Our spinal work along with postural advice & exercises are important during this time.

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