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CHEST - Pectoral Stretch

This pec stretch is a great opener for the chest, assisting with slouched posture and helping you stand up taller! It’s a winner for all sports, breast-feeding mothers and computer workers. Give it a go each day for 30 seconds each side. You’ll love it.

Neck -Trapezius (Traps) Stretch

A great stretch for the side of your neck into your shoulder. Get some relief with this one!

Neck - Levator Scapulae Stretch

The best stretch for getting into THAT spot in the top of your shoulder blade we all seem to reach over to rub.

Legs -Hamstring

A 3-part stretch strategy to get your focus on each of the 3 hamstrings individually

Hip - Psoas Stretch (Hip Flexor)

Check our new way of stretching your hip flexors!

Low Back - Easy Mobilising

This is a winner for an achey low back but relax your entire body to get the best results

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