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Dr Elise Fuller - Osteopath

Keep Calm and Christmas On!

Christmas is a time full of fun and laughter!

But sometimes the lead up can be very stressful for people, and we often see many of our clients in panic right before Chrissy because they’ve hurt themselves in the Christmas rush.

That’s not what we like to see! There are two common issues we see at this time of year:

1. Watch your lifting techniques

We see lots of low back injuries around this time of year. With all the rushing around trying to put up Christmas trees and climbing up and down ladders to put up lights. Maybe you tried to lift an esky full of beer and you didn’t bend your knees?

So here is your little reminder to slow things down and think about how you are positioning your body before you lift those heavy Christmas presents!

  • Bend at your knees and not your waist.
  • Make sure whatever you are picking up is close to your body, so your center of gravity and stability doesn’t shift.
  • If you think something is going to be too heavy, have someone help you! Its better than dealing with a back injury for months on end!
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2. Schedule in YOU time!

Look after yourself this Christmas! Take time for yourself.

We see lots of neck and shoulder tension at this time of year. This is completely understandable as we all try to wrap up work AND prepare for the Christmas shenanigans.

But don’t forget about you!

Sit down and have a breather, even it’s only for 20 minutes.  Have a cuppa, clear your thoughts.

Trust us, you will get so much more done with a clear mind than if you are running around like a headless chook!

And most importantly, have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year!
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Try our breathing exercise and see how you feel.

Lie on your back with one hand on your belly, one on chest.

Breathe in only through your nose and feel your tummy fill up and rise toward the ceiling with lower ribs pushing into the floor.

Your upper chest should stay relatively still while you breathe comfortably. As you breathe out your belly will fall back towards the spine.

Repeat for 3 mins and feel some tension release!

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