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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call Reception

Dr Katie Willy - Osteopath

So you are looking for scoliosis treatment.

If the scoliosis is progressive in nature or severe scoliosis and you’ve not been assessed, it is essential you see your GP.

If you’ve done this already and wanting to know what options you have, or have a scoliosis that you’ve been told is within the normal variation but it’s giving you grief, then we might be able to help you.

The first question asked of any of our clients is “what happened”. Our process is initially focused on this simply because then we have a place to begin uncovering why your body has responded with a spinal twist.  In our investigation we aim to uncover this important piece of information, then we can get to work.  You will be surprised at the lengths we go to find this information, and things you think couldn’t have had the impact is usually overlooked not just by you, but by many other medical practitioners too. 

The cool thing we often find with a scoliosis is that it can straighten up (sometimes 100%, sometimes a good improvement) when we move other parts of the body around, such as the pelvis, hips and arms.  As scoliosis is not a deformity as such, the spine bones are the right shape, they have basically stopped actively moving in particular directions.  It’s even often found that when someone with a scoliosis lays down, the spine in a relaxed state can rest more neutral.  This is a big clue for us, we leave no stone unturned and will look at this quite differently to most.

Treatment is always focused on where we think the problem began, as in which joints do we think started the domino effect, and then re-training the body how to incorporate the missing movements back into the joints aiming to start a new domino effect to re-balance the spine and associated muscle tensions.

We’ve worked with a range of severity in scoliosis, even with those who have already had surgery.  There is plenty to look at, and we always explain our thinking and reasoning behind the opinions we have.  When you see practitioners that understand the detail in how joints interact & respond to each other, then maybe we can unravel your mystery.

If you want to come in for an assessment of your scoliosis then we would love to look at it and discuss it with you.

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