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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call Reception
Anatomy in Motion

Virtual Consults

When accessing essential health services becomes challenging then a virtual consult is a way you can get assistance with your body without leaving your home.
How can a manual therapist assist me without using their hands?

All our Osteopaths have extensive training in movement therapy (AiM).  It is not a big leap at all for us to view your body through a camera lens to decipher what there is to work on to assist with your health.  How your body works as a whole unit mechanically will translate down a camera for us to work with you. 

And our eyes are trained to look for detail.

What if I don’t understand what you are asking me to do with my body?

Cuing people how to move in specific ways is a real skill.  Language and explanation is something we’ve been mastering for over 3 years in clinic. You don’t need to wonder about that, we’ve got you covered. 

Massage has helped me in the past. Is this a short-fall of the virtual consult?

This is a common question regarding virtual consults. 

Firstly we can teach you muscle self-massage strategies.  So don’t worry, your muscles tension or pain will not be left to fend for itself.

Secondly the movement therapy addresses muscle tissues in a different way.  By training joints to glide,with our movement therapy, through their full range of potential movement, the muscles are exposed to an environment where they also get to lengthen & shorten. 

How can a joint moving better aide a muscle to feel better?

Think of it like this.  The joint motion is like a cage for the muscle.  If the joint, let’s take the knee as an example, cannot bend very far, then our front of thigh muscles (quads) wont ever have a chance to stretch long.  On the flipside, in this same example, our back of thigh muscles (hamstrings) wont ever have a chance to become short.  So the quads are stuck being short & contracted for the rest of their days, and the hammies are stuck being long & tight for the rest of theirs.

What happens during a virtual consult?

It is important to remember that an online consult has the same format to an in-person consult.

  • Once you book an online appointment an email will be sent to you confirming the date, time, a link to the appointment and some information what you will need with regard to computer set-up.
  • Your practitioner will take a history about your injury and overall health and discuss what goals you would like to achieve.
  • Your practitioner will ask you to perform some certain movements to investigate your symptoms & restrictions.
  • Your practitioner will discuss the optimal management plan for your condition and will prescribe movement therapy in the form of stretching program, exercise program, health advice or specific self muscle release work.
  • During your consultation, your practitioner will spend time explaining what is wrong, why it is there, and how we will work with you to unravel the problem.
Appointments include:

 1 hour online consult


Pre-appointment analysis of above requirements


Personalised Movement Pattern videos sent to you post-appointment


AUSTRALIA – $300 AUD inc. complimentary set of wedges
INTERNATIONAL – $300 AUD inc. complimentary set of wedges
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