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A wishful mother’s question of will mastitis go away on it’s own can be a daunting one.

So when will mastitis go away?

Did you wake up in the morning and notice that part of your breast was sore and tender to touch? Maybe your bub finally slept for more than 3 hours overnight. Maybe you had a really busy day and skipped a feed or you might be struggling to drink all the water a breastfeeding mother is meant to be drinking.

“I’ll see how it is tomorrow. It might go away overnight”

Slowly (or maybe really quickly) but surely, all the symptoms of mastitis start appearing. Fever, sweats, chills, headaches. What are you meant to do? What does this even mean?

Mastitis is inflammation of your breast tissue. Inflammation can look like a red or pink patch on your breast and causes the tenderness and pain you feel. Mastitis often occurs as a result of reduced milk flow or milk stasis. Think of it like the milk is a bit of a stagnant swamp. This can be because of a missed feed, a tight bra or extra sleep that your boobs aren’t used to (yet!), or anatomical structures of the breast that are not allowing a lovely flow of fluid through the breast. 

Sometimes it can also be caused by bacteria and can result in an infection. This can happen after nipple damage or cracks, or when a milk blister (bleb) is popped.

So, will mastitis go away on its own?

It definitely can but sometimes it can be really tricky and stubborn to resolve. The body is great at healing itself and often with mastitis, learning the right management plan you can get a handle on your situation & ease your mind. The good news – we have strategies that may help you!

Our highly developed skills and techniques treat your mastitis and teach you how to apply this for yourself with your own hands and mastitis ultrasound treatment. We have experience and knowledge of the differences between mastitis, blocked ducts and engorgement and how we may be able to help you.

Our method can clarify what is often a confusing and stressful situation.

Don’t sit their asking will mastitis go away on its own, not when you can be proactive about this situation.

Our clinic is in Melbourne Australia where we treat women suffering mastitis. You can book in via the button below or call 9859 5059.

However, if you are elsewhere in the world we have our online strategies in video Masterclasses on the website of our sister company Your Two Jugs. Click the logo to go straight to the Your Two Jugs website to check it out.

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