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Working from home? Keep your spine ticking along.

Written by Dr Elise Fuller

So you’ve been told you need to be working from home hey? 

When you’re not used to working from home, this can cause all sorts of chaos! There are a few things you can do to make sure your working from home adventure goes smoothly:

1. Keep your usual work schedule.

It can be easy to fall into sleeping in and doing work in your PJs. But losing your sense of daily routine can actually make us feel more anxious!  So keep setting your alarm at the same time, and finish up your work day when you usually would. Get dressed like you’re going to work and TAKE YOUR USUAL BREAKS!!

2. Keep your workspace and your living space separate.

If possible, set up a workspace area that is separate to your living and TV area. It’s temping to work from the couch, but its not good ergonomics, and you’ll be seeing us far more regularly if you keep this up! Set up your computer so the top third of the screen is eye level. If you can, use a separate keyboard and mouse to your laptop. Use a chair that allows you to keep both feet on the ground, and if you need back support, a rolled up towel in the curve of your lower back can help. 

3. Leave the house!

Get some fresh air. Unless you have been required to self-isolate due to symptoms or contact with COVID-19, at time of writing we are still allowed outdoors. So go for that lunch time walk!

4. Keep up your stretches!

Even when you’re working from home, you still deserve a stretch break. For our clients with AiM exercises, this is a perfect time to help your body move better! Remember, even a small amount of these movements and stretches can allow your brain to make new pathways for a more long-term change to your system. Two solid weeks of focused movements? We can’t wait to see how that may have an impact on your body!

5. Cogs

Check out our videos on some movement patterns that can assist you (check them below)

Our goal at Boroondara Osteopathy has always been to keep you moving well. We are remaining OPEN to assist you with your aches and pains through this uncertain time. If you are NOT quarantined with symptoms or suspected contact with COVID-19, we are here and ready to assist you in moving better! We want to work with you during this time and have a newfound cleaning obsession to keep our community clean. So if you require an appointment, we are here for you, whether it’s during your lunch break, or a sneaky pop out of the home office 😛

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