So you are a newly breast-feeding mum (probably!)

…and you have felt THE lump that you are concerned about with mastitis.

It’s tender and now you don’t quite know what is the best course of action.
Number “1”…you are not alone…that’s why I am writing this blog.  So many women end up in your position, it could be 3am and your on the net trying to work out what to do.

Basic guide for breast massage:

1. Please don’t press hard into your breast thinking that the firmer the pressure, the better.  Breast tissue is so sensitive and you can easily cause it damage and further pain.

2. The lumps you feel may not actually be in the duct, but in the breast tissue if it’s mastitis. 

3. The shower is a good place to massage, heat tends to be soothing and the water, lubricating.

4. Warm the breast prior to massage

Our practitioners can teach you how to massage your breast in clinic but we have another option available. 

The online alternative for Breast Massage Education

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We see the gap in women’s healthcare when it comes to mastitis and other breastfeeding issues in terms of massage techniques.  Everyone says you should massage your breast but no one says how, how firm, which direction, how often etc.

This inspired us to develop online video masterclasses based on years of clinical practice treating breast tissue.   This sister-company is called Your Two Jugs.  No one needs extra challenges when they have mastitis.  We want you to have quality tuition to work on your own breasts with confidence so we’ve made it simple for you. 

Jump over to Your Two Jugs and check it out for yourself.

Breast massage

If you have any concerns, ensure you speak to your GP or lactation consultant, even your maternal Health Nurse.

Our in-service treatment provides therapeutic ultrasound which has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain for women suffering Mastitis as well as therapeutic massage. 

If you want to know more about our service, click the link below.

Disclaimer: This information is general in nature. If you have concerns about your health, you should seek advice from your health care provider or if you require urgent care you should go to the nearest Emergency Dept.

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