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I need to get something off my chest…

Excuse the incoming rant as I just saw the most infuriating influencer post on instagram about pregnancy and exercise and I need to clear some stuff up.

In said post, it was mentioned that during pregnancy, your glutes get extra lazy.

NOOOOOOO. Just no.


So here is what happens during pregnancy.

You have 9 months to grow a beautiful human, which, in the scheme of things, is a pretty short amount of time. (Please don’t come for me third trimester mamas haha).

In that time frame, our amazing bodies are preparing us to give birth. That means that our pelvis’ need to move and tilt to be in the best position for birth. With an increase in weight forward of your usual centre of gravity as you grow your baby, the pelvis often tilts forward (anterior tilt).

Our mechanics are designed to move in 3 dimensions. So usually, our pelvis would need to experience a posterior tilt during movement as well. But during pregnancy, your body is dealing with A LOT, so we can forgive it for maybe getting stuck tilted forward.

And post birth, your body doesn’t necessarily jump back to how it was moving pre pregnancy. It needs time to recover. And the glutes? Well, it’s group of 3 muscles that receives a lot of flack in general. It crosses and attaches to the pelvis, and controls specific movements of the hip. So if our pelvis isn’t moving its best because its managing a pregnancy (fair enough), then your glutes aren’t going to stretch and contract well either.

Pregnancy Back Pain | Osteopathic Treatment Surrey Hills

They’re just following orders from the skeleton. All that needs to occur either through pregnancy (if appropriate) and after pregnancy (also when appropriate) is that we remind and teach the pelvis that it has more movement to achieve than just forward tilting.

When the joints move well, the muscle will react. And when your joints and muscles are functioning properly, then during exercise you’ll be able to either grow muscle or exercise for general health. There’s a lot more to this, and every pregnancy is different, but this is a piece to help you understand what is going on.


Need some help with this? Book an appointment and understand your pelvis and how to work with it pre and post birth.


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