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Mastitis – Blocked Ducts – Engorgement – Blebs

The Melbourne Mastitis Clinic has been treating women in our surrounding community for their breast health problems for 10 years. What we do is a niche area of therapy that requires genuine skill and complex knowledge of many factors:

  • detailed anatomy & physiology
  • ultrasound therapy
  • manual therapy skills
  • sensitive palpatory ability
  • extensive study in the inflammatory spectrum of the breast

Our approach is supported by updated information from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine’s Protocol for Mastitis #36 that was release in 2022. Download available BELOW.

What about Mastitis treatment with Ultrasound?

Ultrasound has been gaining increased interest in recent times to such a degree that Australia Studies are currently in progress to ascertain it’s worth in the clinical setting. Clinically we have empirical evidence to support its use for the inflammatory breast spectrum which includes mastitis.

An article on ABC news was posted 12/6/24 titled (link in title):

Mastitis affects about one in five breastfeeding women, but experts say there are treatment knowledge gaps

We can help you with these clients! And we have extensive training to do just that!

We train other health professionals!

There is a lack of well-trained therapists around to assist these desperate parents in need. Given our experience, we developed a 100% online course accessible around the world to train heath professionals in the details and skills they need to do a great job.

Our course, Boob Hero, resides in our online education platform called Your Two Jugs.

To explain the needs and increase awareness of a practitioners potential in this area of women’s health, our FREE webinar is also available for viewing, discussing the many facets and issues with current management of the Inflammatory Breast Spectrum of conditions.

Care to have a listen?? Just click the button below.

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