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Our Melbourne Mastitis Clinic is incredibly unique in a couple of ways.

Treating women with breastfeeding issues for many years when their breast tissues become inflamed with mastitis, blocked, or engorged, has provided a service for over 1000 women of Melbourne when they’ve run into breast troubles with breastfeeding.

Unfortunately this type of hands-on treatment approach is incredibly rare in Melbourne, let alone world-wide.  However the difference it can make is remarkable for the women who find us.

How could we do better for more breastfeeding women?

Fill a gap in breastfeeding health by providing online courses, has global potential to change how breastfeeding issues are treated.
So Melbourne Mastitis Clinic practitioners Katie & Elise, have developed an online education platform called Your Two Jugs to do just that.

Boobology (by Your two Jugs) was developed for the breastfeeding mama to learn how to do the bodywork we’ve developed over the years for mastitis, blocked ducts & engorgement.

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