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The story began well before lockdown…

Our clinic at Boroondara Osteopathy is incredibly unique in a couple of ways.
One of these aspects is that we treat women with breastfeeding issues when their breast tissues becomes inflamed with mastitis, blocked, or engorged. 

We’ve been developing these skills for over 5 years, providing a service for close to 1000 women of Melbourne when they’ve run into trouble.

Unfortunately this type of treatment approach is incredibly rare in Melbourne, let alone world-wide.  But the impact it can have is remarkable for this group of society. 

We’ve heard so many times, the anguish, disappointment, worry & anxiety of women when they desperately want to provide for their baby but are struggling with physical components of their body.

So we teach them about their body, treat their breast tissues and then teach them how to do this for themselves. That’s been our routine.

Then Osteopath Principal Katie, had an idea…

While treating a lovely client with mastitis in June 2020, said client asked Katie to re-demonstrate a breast self-treatment technique and a light-bulb went off in her head. She put it to her Osteopath colleague Elise…

“What if we created an online education platform to teach women how to HELP THEMSELVES?”

Elise’s interest piqued. For years women have asked us why our knowledge and techniques are not routinely taught to women when breastfeeding?  Lock down provided a great time opportunity (given we could hardly treat our lovely clientele) to give this project life.

Our wonderful staff of Tristan, Celeste & Kathrine (Katie B) read and read, study after study, summarising content to back our project, as well as increase everyone’s knowledge in this area of the body given the amount of work we do in clinic.

THE GOAL: Fill a gap in breastfeeding health, and given it’s online, it has global potential to change how breastfeeding issues are treated.

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