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Blocked Milk Duct Treatment.
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You will also be guided in how to avoid that blockage becoming mastitis, and receive a personalised treatment plan for you to continue the valuable & appropriate treatment at home

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Treatment for Blocked Ducts

What does a Blocked Milk Duct Treatment look like?

Blocked duct ultrasound | clear blocked duct

Step 1. Blocked milk duct treatment may involve ultrasound treatment to vibrate and jiggle the tissues to reduce the blockage. This is a focused form of therapy on the congested, painful area of your breast.

Step 2. We use multiple techniques to clear the blocked duct and teach you. This is not painful and focuses on the direct area of concern.

Step 3. You are taught how to massage the blocked duct yourself to avoid this scenario in future.  Our techniques are easy and one you learn you will be able to continue treating yourself at home if required.

Step 4. Follow-up care.  Our plan is to get you past this challenge and we will follow-up with you until you are “right”.

Mastitis | breast pain | blocked duct

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    Some research has shown that Ultrasound therapy as well as massage to the breast may reduce inflammation & pain, and help unblock breast ducts (1).  Another study found that a reduction in the firmness of the lump after the first treatment was detectable (4).

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