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Mastitis Treatment

Mastitis treatment at the Melbourne Mastitis clinic is a well-developed protocol to relieve the symptoms and also show you how to avoid it recurring. Our practitioners are some of the most experienced in the world, and are not only great listeners and caring people, we have a vested interest in you feeling supported and providing you accurate answers to your mastitis concerns. 

Your consultation will involve our practitioners treating your breast tissue directly to treat your mastitis with skilled hands & ultrasound. Our method also involves teaching you how you can work on yourself for the best results in the shortest possible time-frame. Unfortunately quality mastitis treatment in Melbourne is difficult to find, which is why our clinic has developed this niche and strategic approach tailored to the breast tissue for the betterment of women’s health.

Why have I got mastitis again?

For the recurrent mastitis sufferer, your recurrent mastitis is telling you that the breast is struggling to drain fluid.  This often occurs when the deeper layers of the breast restrict the ability of the duct to transport milk. Our approach is to rehabilitate that deeper breast tissue and this is done through assessing where the tightening and restriction is, and then working on then releasing the breast tissue restrictions with different techniques to create a soft and supple breast once again.

If you have been told just to keep draining the breast and keep it empty than I’m sorry, but it’s not the answer for recurrent mastitis. Nor is massaging the breast towards the nipple, another poor piece of management advice. We will do much more for you in our mastitis treatments as we uncover where the issue is in the breast that is resulting in recurring episodes of mastitis

Mastitis Treatment in Clinic

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Step 1.

Ultrasound therapy vibrates and jiggles the tissues to loosen the inflamed area of mastitis. This is focused on the painful and congested area of your breast.

Step 2.

Mastitis massage therapy from our highly skilled hands to move fluids and lumps away from the problematic area.  Our aim with mastitis is to soften the tissues to regain fluid flow to the breast and relieve pressure & pain.  Many women expect mastitis massage to be painful and in fact it’s not.  You will be very comfortable, we guarantee it!

Step 3.

You are taught how to massage your mastitis for the best drainage to avoid this scenario in future.  The right technique with self-massage can make all the difference. A take-home sheet will be provided so you don’t have to memorise the mastitis techniques.

Step 4.

Follow-up care.  Our plan is to get you past this challenge and we will follow-up with you until you are “right”.

Ultrasound alone is not enough.  The mastitis massage component is very important to move fluid blockages, helping your body to heal itself.  That’s why it’s essential in what we do.

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Virtual Mastitis Treatment

With a huge lack of quality and knowledgeable treatment options for mastitis, and given our experience and highly developed techniques, we offer a virtual consult service for mastitis.

This is possible because of the hands-on style of therapy we provide in clinic. We are able to discuss your mastitis case with you and then teach you how to treat the mastitis yourself. There is much more to mastitis than the usual advice of “just drain the breast” or “massage towards the nipple”.

Want more info?? Check out of Virtual consults by clicking below.

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    Some research has shown that Ultrasound therapy as well as massage to the breast may reduce inflammation & pain, and help unblock breast ducts (1).  Another study found that a reduction in the firmness of the lump after the first treatment was detectable (4).

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