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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call reception
How frustrating is it
that no one quite understands
the whole picture on how to treat mastitis?
WE do. That's a promise.

With our 10 years breast treatment experience, over 1000’s of clinical consults,
our experienced practitioners know mastitis so well that we train
other health professionals in mastitis therapy.

End your own mastitis distress
by booking an appointment with true breast health professionals today!

Melbourne Mastitis Clinic

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Ultrasound Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage

Therapeutic Breast Massage

Breast Techniques to Prevent Mastitis

+ the most current info

For Mastitis,

Blocked Ducts/Blebs,

& Engorgement

for breastfeeding or expressing parents.

Our mastitis treatment involves therapeutic ultrasound & massage.

But don’t be fooled, not all massage is created equal.

Breast tissue deserves & NEEDS a very different approach for healing so you don’t instead induce trauma and further pain.

That’s WHY our skill-set at MMC is so special. 

What other Questions do you have?

Now I know you exist, what do I do next?

It’s easy to book online with just a click on the booking button. Or if you need more info, call us and get your queries answered.

If you are after Your Two Jugs for online courses, go HERE.

What are you going to do when I come in?

Explain everything. Assess your breast. Answer your questions with direct answers. Ultrasound the area. Strategically massage the breast to ease the congestion & each YOU how to do it too! This is missing info and education all over the world.  But our clinic means you have the opportunity to learn all the updated advice and treatment that is taking a lo0ng time to filter through the medical model.

I just found your site looking for home remedies. How does your treatment do better?

Home remedies can be awesome BUT there are too many wild opinions to sift through to find the right info that wont damage your breast or prolong the situation. With us, you get straight answers based on fact and experience. PLUS you learn treatment directly from receiving treatment to your breast based on our 1000’s of consults over nearly 10 years. Be careful who you listen to online and NEVER press firmly on your breast!

How many treatments will I need?

Let’s just start with 1 dedicated therapy appointment, give you the tools to manage at home and see what more you may need. Not all mastitis is created equal, but often once you have a strategic plan, you can do a lot in 24 hours!

Can I claim with my health insurance?

If you have “extras” cover that includes Osteopathy, then yes.

Damn, I live too far away. What are MY options?

100%! We have 2 options.

The first is a virtual consult. And yes we can do this online because of our experience with teaching our techniques to mums in clinic. All while getting those pressing questions answered on the spot.

The second option is our online education course through our sister company ‘Your Two Jugs’. You may have checked us out on Instagram already (@yourtwojugs), yes that’s us too! Our online education courses go through the strategic massage & breast treatment techniques we use in clinic and teach parents first-hand.

We just felt that geography & timing needed to taken out of the equation, hence the online global platform we built for those who need their education that way.

I have seen my GP/LC, what is the value in seeing you too?

Because chances are you are still not sure quite what to do. You’ve probably been told to rest, take ibuprofen or Panadol (hopefully), and just keep draining your breast. BUT, that’s a very small aspect of mastitis treatment. Parents are often left to kind of work it out, fumble through hoping this issue would just sod off. It’s our considerable knowledge of the breast & breastfeeding issues, alongside our professional treatment & massage skills that makes us a cut above the rest. You will leaving KNOWING exactly what to do, how to do it, & WHY treating mastitis with our strategic approach makes so much sense!

I’ve had mastitis plenty of times. What is the value for me to be treated?

That is such a common Q. Our investigation is about WHY! We want to know more info about your arm, neck and back.  About any scars from biopsies or other. And then think about how tight your chest tissues are. Your breast is not just stuck onto the front of you. It connects to many other structure that influence how well it function, how good the blood flow is, how easily milk moves through etc. Our sensitive hands will show you, and then show you all our prevention techniques directly to your breast that we developed because of the frequency this situation occurs. Book in now! 

When should I come in for treatment?

It’s best to start as soon as possible to reduce inflammation and congestion in the breast tissue that may reduce the progression to a mastitis infection. 

Is treatment still worthwhile if I've been told I have a mastitis infection?

Yes. An infection is clearly not ideal in your breast and our techniques and treatment can assist with moving the inflammation and congestion to help your body with that infection, even if you are taking antibiotics. You will also learn specific treatment techniques to continue helping yourself alongside the antibiotic therapy!

We are global leaders in best practice mastitis healthcare and have been contributing to the studies that have been changing how mastitis is treated around the world.

There is so much updated advice and treatment BUT many mothers miss out on this simply because of a lack of knowledgeable practitioners.

Not to mention the glut of outdated mastitis treatment info on the internet.

In just 1 appointment, you will experience practitioners that fully understand the breastfeeding breast and how mastitis needs to be treated. 

You leave the clinic having had breast treatment and been taught what you need to do, all with a clear written plan that will ease the stress & panic that comes with mastitis. 

Make an appointment now.

“Everything was made easy. Once I understood what was happening within my breast, I have been more aware and able to prevent mastitis from occurring again.”

Dr Katie Willy



How long does an appointment go for?

You can choose a 30 OR 60 minute appointment. If both breasts are affected we request you allocate 60mins as our experience is that 30mins is too short.

Can I bring my baby to the appointment?

100%. We are a family friendly clinic and realise that this is a time that baby might need to be close by.

Can I bring a support person?

Yes of course. Do what is easiest for you. You are welcome to bring someone to hold your baby, or if you need transport, whatever you need.

Should I feed/pump before or after the appointment?

Our suggestion is do what makes you comfortable! We always encourage sticking to your regular schedule. Whether you pump or feed beforehand it won’t affect your treatment either way!

What should I expect during my consultation?

Our practitioners are all skilled in the assessment of breast complaints and the application of therapeutic ultrasound and hands-on treatment. All appointments start with a thorough history of your complaint followed by assessment and then an action plan including hands-on treatment will be discussed with you.

Book in and experience what routine mastitis care should be!

The Melbourne Mastitis Clinic is ready to get your breast health moving in the right direction.

Not close by?? No Problem!

How about a Virtual Mastitis Consult?

With a huge lack of quality and knowledgeable treatment options for mastitis, and given our experience and highly developed techniques, we offer a virtual consult service for mastitis.

This is possible because of the practical style of therapy we provide in clinic.

We are able to discuss your mastitis case with you and then teach you how to treat mastitis yourself. 

Want more info?? Check out of Virtual consults by clicking below.

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We look forward to meeting YOU!

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Some research has shown that Ultrasound therapy as well as massage to the breast may reduce inflammation & pain, and help unblock breast ducts (1).  Another study found that a reduction in the firmness of the lump after the first treatment was detectable (4).


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