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Open Mon-Sat · (03) 9859 5059 · BOOK online OR call reception

Virtual Mastitis Treatment Consultation

The Melbourne Mastitis Clinic has treated so many women in our surrounding community that we know how much breastfeeding mamas need experienced practitioners to work through their breast health problem. Unfortunately for many, what we do is a niche area of therapy that is usually difficult to find close to home.

That’s exactly why we are offering virtual mastitis consults so you can discuss your breast healthcare with an experienced professional and receive demonstration of the techniques we’ve specifically developed for treating the breast specifically for breastfeeding mothers. Our techniques are different to what you will know. We have specific strategies whether you have:

  • acute mastitis
  • recurrent mastitis
  • blocked duct
  • bleb
  • physiological engorgement (early post-partum)
  • pathological engorgement (when you have established breastfeeding supply)

Our service is unique simply because we understand the differences each condition has and can therefore target different techniques appropriate for that problem.

And the other thing we do is thoroughly explain to you the what, why, and how in simple terms. Educating you on what’s happening under the skin is eye-opening for many and tends to relieve a lot of the stress and anxiety associated with breastfeeding health concerns.

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How does a mastitis virtual consult work?

This mastitis virtual consult is a service available Australia wide to any location with an internet connection available. Our practitioners will be online from our Melbourne Mastitis Clinic premises and are available Monday to Saturday for virtual consults.

Before your appointment you will be emailed 2 forms for you to complete and submit online. The first form is your details. The second form is a thorough breakdown of your history and experience with the issue you are seeking care for. We have designed this form in such a way that it provides our practitioners with the detail required to gauge your condition. We will have had time to pre-think (and even discuss with our Melbourne Mastitis Clinic Colleagues) your situation.

What will we work through in the consultation?

In your 20 minute online consult we will discuss any points of your history and then we get to work. We can teach you how to assess and then how to treat and re-assess your tissue. Our practitioner can demonstrate techniques, guide you hands verbally and model what needs to be done.

How can you tell enough about my breast in an online consult?

This is usually very straightforward for experienced practitioners like ourselves. Just look at our mastitis blog page and you will see the level of knowledge we have! We have been doing this work for many years and studied breast tissue in detail.

Our practitioners have performed 1000’s of appointments as a group, and from all of this experience have developed very clear plans & strategies to guide women through their breast recovery, and even breast tissue rehabilitation when symptoms of mastitis congestion are not subsiding.

You will see how we can make sense of the problem for you, explain the anatomy & structure and WHY we treat a problem in the precise way we do.

What if I don’t understand what you are asking me to do?

Once again, this is our job to ensure we impart the right information to you. We have many analogies to explain our techniques and the problems in the breast.

We also use crocheted breasts and other aids to present our information in a clear way so you can treat your breast with care and precision.

See below for frequently asked questions…


What to wear for an appointment

It is best to wear a loose singlet during your appointment. Your practitioner will guide you through how to assess and manage your problem with hands on exercises. It may be useful to have some lubricant like sorbolene with you.

Where does the appointment take place?

Our practitioner will be in clinic in Melbourne, Australia.
This appointment is online. You will be on video through our clinical software.
Please check out this helpful guide on your system requirements from our clinic software provider made especially for you, by clicking the link below.

Post-appointment support

You will receive an information sheet with your treatment plan and links to videos that you can refer back to if you forget how to do your exercises.

Can I claim with my health fund?

This info is for Australia only.

You will be emailed an invoice that you can use to claim private health insurance if you have extras covering osteopathy in Australia. Check with your fund provider for more details.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that things happen, including your problem clearing on it’s own. Please CALL our clinic on 03 9859 5059 if you wish to cancel or reschedule your virtual appointment. We have an answering machine for out of hours calls.

We have a 5-hour cancellation policy.

  • If you cancel your appointment within 5 hours of your appointment, a 50% of your pre-payment will be refunded minus the stripe transaction charge (see below)
  • If you cancel outside of 5 hours, 100% will be refunded minus the Stripe transaction charge (see below)
  • If you don’t attend your appointment, there will not be a refund
  • STRIPE refunds may take up to 10 business days to process via Stripe’s policy.
  • Stripe transaction fee –
    1.75% + A$0.30 for domestic cards
    2.9% + A$0.30 for International cards

What if my problem clears before my appointment time?

Well firstly…GREAT!

Please refer to our cancellation policy.

Even if your problems clears and you decide to keep the appointment, we have MANY strategies that we can teach you to work at preventing issues so it will NOT be wasted time or investment!Breast education is missing in the breastfeeding community and our work goes a long way to change that for each individual we work with. You’ll see!

Is 20 minutes long enough for a consult?

Yes. Due to the design of our forms we have a lot of useful information before we are online. The purpose of the 20 minutes is to answer your questions directly so you understand the problem, and teach you how to work on the breast tissue the best ways we know.

Will my appointment begin on time?

Most likely.

We schedule these appointments in our clinic so at times, a face-to-face consultation may be delaying the start of your consult but this will only be by 1-5 minutes of a delay. We appreciate your understanding that we are a working clinic that at times may experience short delays in commencing an appointment. Just the same as if you were waiting in your doctor’s office for your appointment.

I can see you use therapeutic ultrasound in clinic. Will it matter that we wont be doing ultrasound?

The good news is that ultrasound is not an essential part of our breast therapy, it is additional tool we use.

This of ultrasound as a tissue primer for the massage and hands-on strategy we have. It basically jiggles fluids at a micro level but it does not replace and is not capable of replacing the value available from learning quality massage techniques from us.

If we had to choose between ultrasound and hands on therapy in our consults, we would choose our hands every single day.

How do I pay for a virtual consultation?

All you need to do is book an appointment times and there will be a pre-payment prior to confirming the booking. So you will book & pay at the same time.

What’s next?

Go to our online bookings and find the best time for you. We look forward to working your case out with you and get you moving forward with a plan to recover.

What if the times don’t suit me, do you have another option for me to learn what to do?

Yes we do!  Our sister company, Your Two Jugs, built by 2 of our team, is an online education platform that sells courses that you can do online. These are all in video format to make them easy-to-follow and are available worldwide 24 hours a day from the Your Two Jugs shop.

Your Two Jugs courses:

  • Mastitis Rescue – a short course when you have acute mastitis to get you moving in the right direction to heal your tissue
  • Boobology – our flagship course for mamas to learn how to treat Mastitis, Blocked Ducts and Engorgement + Prevention Strategies, Mum Posture module and plenty more explanations about antibiotics, abscess, weaning and even more…
  • The Blooming Boob – for the pregnant mama to learn about her breast tissue before commencing breastfeeding and work on the breast tissue and learn what it feels like and what it should feel like when it is the best condition.
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