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We're in our 10th year treating breastfeeding breast issues!

Mastitis & Blocked Duct Treatment Melbourne

Our treatment focuses on Mastitis, Blocked Duct and Engorgement pain relief, reducing the lumps, & restoring milk volume.

Genuine breast health treatment for these issues is hard to find. Our professional service means you experience quality health care from extremely knowledgeable health practitioners for these conditions.

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“Fantastic follow up and constant checking in was really helpful. Felt constantly supported.”

“I didn’t even know this treatment existed until my sister-in-law told me!”

Women need better access to healthcare for their breasts while breastfeeding. Many of our clients report conflicting advice and uncertainty with what to do about their mastitis or blocked ducts, simply due to very few health professionals offering accurate information on breast treatment.

“There should be more education around this.”

“Such a good experience with kind and lovely staff.”

We are the ultimate comprehensive & professional team that will explain the precise issue affecting your breast, treat the affected area with clinical therapy & teaching you what to do at home to continue healing your breast.

“Staff were amazing, welcoming and supportive.”

“Very knowledgeable staff, made it a very comfortable environment/experience.”

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Treatment for


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Using both ultrasound and massage therapy developed especially for the breast, our treatment focuses on relieving pain, redness and those lumps!

Treatment for

Blocked Ducts & Blebs

Mastitis | Breast pain | Doncaster | Osteopath

Let’s treat that blockage to allow milk to pass through once again. Ultrasound and techniques developed to treat inflammation to reduce pain & pressure!

Treatment for


engorgement | breast engorged

Engorgement can be treated quickly with ultrasound and our hands-on therapy. Even for the golf ball engorgement in your armpit if that’s your trouble!


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The Melbourne Mastitis Clinic is the only clinic of it’s kind dedicated to treating breast health issues.

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Is all mastitis bright red?

No there are many tones of colour we see from pale pink to hot red. On darker tone skin it can be trickier to spot so
look for a difference in tone to the other breast.

Do I need to take antibiotics for mastitis?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. We see both situations in clinic and both get better. If you are really sick it may be a
good idea. The tricky part to this question is that there is:
1. Inflammatory Mastitis
2. Infectious Mastitis
And they both can present the same. We encourage our clinic clients to see their doctor when they are really sick.
Some women are deadagainst antibiotics so we encourage them to really work at the techniques we’ve demonstrated
here in these videos.
It is definitely up to you and your physician to assess you for that one.

Does firm massage work better and faster?

No. In fact it usually causes confusion because firm breast massage causes so much tenderness that you end up sore
for longer and not sure even if it is the mastitis anymore.
Remember you are sweeping “water” down a floppy walled tube. It is not muscle massage.

How do I know when to stop massaging my breast?

When the problem has gone, it’s time to stop the massage. But we recommend you continue with the fascia techniques
to keep all the breast tissue lovely and mobile to optimise fluid travel in and out of the breast. Prevention is better than
cure right!

But if I take antibiotics, wont the mastitis just go away?

Antibiotics are only designed to help the infection. But we have treated many mamas that had recurrent bouts, that
finally ceased when they had some handson work, which they carried on with at home. So there are plenty of cases
that require more than antibiotics.

Is it ok to massage through clothes?

Our experience with this says NO. The massage appears to work better on bare skin with something to lubricate.
Remember work from the edges of the lump and not right on the painful centre.

Why do people suggest lecithin for blocked ducts?

Lecithin acts as an emusifier. What this means is that it makes the fatty parts of your milk,
mix better with the watery part. Much like dishwashing detergent when you are cleaning a
greasy pan. So the reasoning behind this is that the lecithin will reduce the stickiness of your
milk. Many women have had success with lecithin although there are currently no studies we
could find on its effectiveness.
Why do I massage in front of the duct first? Collapse
This is simply to give the blockage a path. It’s also quite uncomfortable and difficult to push
a blockage from the milk buildup behind it. Make sure you try some of the wiggling of the
duct techniques we have videos on.
This is my first blocked duct. Does it mean I will have more? Collapse
Not necessarily. The best you can do is learn about your body and get your breast health in
the best condition you can. Our fascia stretches maybe a perfect way to improve your breast
Then check off the other known factors:
tight top/bra
latching issues
missed feeds

I had a long stringy lump come out when it cleared. What is that?

Well done if you cleared that. It’s solidified milk, fatty milk. Sometimes baby starts coughing
after clearing a blockage and mama has seen the long string in their mouth. Don’t worry, it’s
just milk.

How can you tell the difference between a blocked duct & engorgement?

An engorged breast is solid all over.
A blocked duct is solid in a segment of the breast and normal elsewhere.

I can see a pink patch of skin. Do I have mastitis?

Blocked ducts often have a pale pink tinge on the skin. They can lead to mastitis though so
keep an eye on it!

I have a slight fever. Is it mastitis?

Blocked ducts may be accompanied by a lowgrade fever. Mastitis is usually a hotter fever
with sweats and chills. Monitor your symptoms for any progressions.

My breast feels engorged but hardly any milk is coming out. Why is that?

Early postpartum engorgement has a lot of other fluids filling out the breast tissue such as
blood flow to supply products to make milk, and lymph fluid which is fluids needing to be
drained away. Lymph fluid occurs with “working” tissues. All tissues have lymph drainage,
we just need a big effort from the lymph drainage of the breast early on .

Melbourne Mastitis Clinic Practitioners

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With such a lack of good advice and treatment available globally for women with mastitis, our sister-company Your Two Jugs is breaking ground by producing courses for women to learn more about their breast for issues such as mastitis. Then have the potential to resolve their issue by learning well-researched and developed massage therapy to optimise the healing process that exists in the tissues of the breast. Mastitis is poorly understood from a structural and anatomical viewpoint. This education is our way to get accurate messages of breast health “out there” so women have choice in there therapy and not left in the space of feeling unlucky and dis empowered with mastitis.

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