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Welcome to the Melbourne Mastitis Clinic

-Located within Boroondara Osteopathy-

A highly skilled service focusing on the unique characteristics of breast tissue to treat mastitis, blocked ducts & engorgement with ultrasound & hands-on therapy.

Our goal in each and every treatment is to provide you with answers for your breast health, treat the issues directly with skilled hands, and importantly teach you how you can work on yourself for the best results in the shortest possible time-frame.

Celeste Codemo | Balwyn North
Dr Steph Klupacs | Osteopath | Balwyn
Dr Elise Fuller | Osteopath | Balwyn
Katie Willy | Osteopath | Balwyn North
MMC is an experienced team of 4 female Osteopaths who have been treating women for breast health issues since 2014.

Our passion for treating breastfeeding women has been driven by the anxiety & desperation we see every day from mums with mastitis. You cannot simply give up in a moment of trouble when there’s a baby relying on you, and there is no way to ignore it either.

It can feel all-consuming.

Unfortunately, breast treatment is a forgotten skill and more and more often women are being told to just wait out their problem, despite their desperation, with no clear plan to move forward and also how to prevent the issue returning.Β  This puts phenomenal pressure on a mother to simply manage and “hope” that her issue stays at bay. Studies show that this situation all too often results in early weaning of her baby, caused by the anxiety & worry of what might happen next.

In contrast, Melbourne Mastitis Clinic is a dedicated space to receive genuine treatment & education for your breast health.

Did you know that mastitis can affect up to 30% of breastfeeding women, let alone the issues that occur with blocked ducts and engorgement. So you are not alone in your predicament. We see it everyday.

And we are here to support you.
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Our dedicated work doesn’t stop with
the Melbourne Mastitis Clinic.

Our Osteopaths are also the creators of the online education platform,Your two jugs

Your Two Jugs has been developed for the everyday mum and for practitioners to learn our methods and protocol to address the breast in an online video format. We are global leaders in this area, determined to bring about change in the world of breast health issues with breastfeeding, so building online courses with our niche allows more mums and bubs to have an opportunity for a fulfilling breastfeeding experience together.

Our work brings together many years of manual therapy experience alongside university-level education in anatomy and tissue structure, to provide answers to the problems that can arise in the breast with breastfeeding in a global community.

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