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Mastitis Treatment Melbourne

The Melbourne Mastitis Clinic was born out of need for women to get better healthcare for their breasts while breastfeeding. This is an unfortunate huge gap in health knowledge for women at a time that becomes so emotionally desperate. Many of our clients report conflicting advice and uncertainty with what to do about their mastitis. It makes sense really. Have you noticed how few health professionals offer treatment for mastitis? Very few. Ours is a unique service where mastitis treatment is a dedicated skill from passionate & experienced practitioners. Our professionally Registered Osteopaths have considerable knowledge about breast health with mastitis being the most common issue women seek our help for. Our experienced hands are able to diagnose the issue and then treat the breast with our techniques. Mastitis ultrasound treatment is commonly used as an additional tool. 

BUT you need more than that. We will also teach you what you specifically need to know & do to prevent further problems and moving forwards with a treatment plan. If you are looking for a comprehensive & professional treatment then book in with one our practitioners.

Treatment also provided for:

Blocked Duct | Engorgement | Bleb

mastitis & ultrasound | mastitis treatment | fix mastitis

What happens during your appointment…

Melbourne Mastitis | Mastitis treatment | mastitis therapy

1| Work out the problem from your history & our assessment

mastitis massage | mastitis treatment | Melbourne Mastitis Clinic

2| Explain the issue and what we are going to do

Mastitis ultrasound Treatment | Blocked Duct Treatment | Mastitis ultrasound |

3| Therapeutic ultrasound is a treatment we commonly use

mastitis massage | blocked duct massage | melbourne mastitis

4| Treat the breast with multiple hands-on techniques

mastitis therapy | engorgement massage | mastitis massage

5| Teach YOU how to work on yourself for the fastest recovery

You will leave your appointment with a clear written plan to get you better!

What women say about the
Melbourne Mastitis Clinic

“Fantastic follow up and constant checking in was really helpful. Felt constantly supported.”

“Such a good experience with kind and lovely staff.”

“Staff were amazing, welcoming and supportive.”

“Very knowledgeable staff, made it a very comfortable environment/experience.”

The Melbourne Mastitis Clinic is the only clinic of it’s kind dedicated to treating breast health issues.

MMC Therapists

Celeste Codemo | Balwyn North
Dr Steph Klupacs | Osteopath | Balwyn
Dr Elise Fuller | Osteopath | Balwyn
Katie Willy | Osteopath | Balwyn North

Our passion in this area of healthcare has been driven by the anxiety & desperation we see every day from mums with mastitis. You cannot simply give up in a moment of trouble when there’s a baby relying on you, and there is no way to ignore it either.

It can feel all-consuming & we want to make a difference for you.

Unfortunately, breast treatment is a forgotten skill and more and more often women are being told to just wait out their problem, despite their desperation, with no clear plan to move forward and also how to prevent the issue returning.  This puts phenomenal pressure on a mother to simply manage and “hope” that her issue stays at bay.

It doesn’t have to be this way

At Boroondara Osteopathy, we love to treat and find the long-term solution for residents in Balwyn, Balwyn North and surrounding suburbs.

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