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Working from home? Desk Setup

Written by Dr Tristan Joss

Are you working from home & need to look at your desk setup?

Desk setup is super important give the time you spend there!Are you feeling a bit shabby at your new found workspace??

I have put together a couple of quick videos for you to critique your own desk setup and see if you can feel more comfortable at work. 

Video 1. Ergonomic Desk Setup

Video 2. Keyboard & Screen Setup

Video 3. Quick Chair Alteration Ideas

This is about comfort so if any of the suggestions make you feel poorly, there is something underlying in your body mechanics that is impacting you. That’s when a clinic appointment can be useful!

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Desk work can place a lot of stress and strain on your body. But there are simple ways to improve your posture while sitting at a desk, with things you already have in your home. Think about how much better you would feel if you change the way your neck and back take load all day. Surely that’s worth a quick experiment to see if your body and posture is more comfortable.

Dr Tristan Joss has spent plenty of time discussing and implementing sold ergonomic strategies for his clients. Here’s his top tips to improve your desk ergonomics today for a better feeling and less irritation in your body tomorrow. All in short video format, Tristan will take you through the specifics of what you can do to improve your desk posture.

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