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It can feel pretty lonely & hopeless sitting there wondering what to do, often in the middle of the night desperate for this experience to end.  Breastfeeding challenges can be all-consuming when you’re in the thick of it, with no obvious way out.
Stop feeling confused & unsure about your breast issue.

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Seeing the gap in options for women with breast-feeding difficulties, we wrote a treatment protocol document on mastitis and other breast issues to fill that “gap”, to offer you an experienced and wholistic approach to breast care.  Our approach encompasses the treatment options and strategies for resolving breast-feeding dilemmas.  

We see how emotionally draining breast-feeding issues are when it feels like it’s all going wrong.  It can be a taxing time trying to work it all out by yourself, and often with conflicting information on what is the best thing to do.

“Should I massage it?” or “Should I leave it alone?”

“Should I massage firmly?” or “Do I massage gently?”

“Is it best to massage towards or away from the nipple?”

“Are antibiotics the best thing?”

“What about cabbage leaves?” or “Best with heat or cold?”


Our goal is to relieve the pain & give you a solid plan for recovery.  Breast-feeding challenges create stress. So providing you with genuine support is also high on our priority list and CLEAR answers to your questions.

We are a lovely, friendly bunch that work with you to get it right. From our knowledgeable admin team & professional Osteopathic care, to the follow-up contact on your progress, we work with you from start to finish.

Our team are here ready to take your call and questions and get to the bottom of the problem with you.

*If there are no mastitis appointments available online please call reception on 9859 5059 as we often re-organise the diary to fit mastitis clients in.

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*Osteopaths complete a 5-year course at university & are government regulated with AHPRA.

**Osteopaths are allied health professionals that recognise the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions. Osteopaths focus on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs function as a holistic unit.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Can create a micro massage effect within the tissues which may loosen the tissue structure and causes a breakdown of the material causing the blockage. Ultrasound may stimulate the blood flow through the tissue.

Skilled Massage

Osteopaths have spent years working on the sensitivity of their hand skills, being able to feel muscles, joints etc.  We have just transferred theses skills to the breast, massaging the tissue, the lumps and lumpiness.  Our hands are an important part of the Mastitis Therapy.


Our Osteos will teach you the best techniques we know for self-help.  This includes breast massage and self-mobilising your spine to free your movement.


Some research has shown that Ultrasound therapy as well as massage to the breast may reduce inflammation & pain, and help unblock breast ducts (1).  Another study found that a reduction in the firmness of the lump after the first treatment was detectable (4).

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