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Back Pain

Back pain is the most common injury we would see as Osteopaths.  It is certainly not limited to occupation considering we see so many office workers, obviously in a more sedentary occupation compared to “tradies” who get back pain for entirely different reasons.  The GOOD NEWS is that regardless of occupation there are many simple ways to prevent your pain!
back painDue to the complex structures of our spine, there are many different reasons you feel back pain.  To make sure that you get the right advice, an accurate diagnosis is essential.  For example a disc strain will be treated and recover very differently to a joint sprain or muscle spasm.
As demonstrated in the diagram below, back pain can refer pain to a number of different areas.  So if you are wondering why your buttock, groin, hip, thigh or knee have been giving you the “irrits” maybe you need to see us about your back!  Generally, the more chronic the problem, the more intense the pain referral.
back pain referralNot only can back pain be felt elsewhere in the body, it also doesn’t descriminate with respect to age.  We often associate back pain with wear-and-tear in the older population but if you are asking yourself “why is my child or teen feeling back pain?”, there is often a simple explanation and resolvable problem.
Don’t be worried or confused about your pain.  Make an appointment and get it sorted today!

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